H.E.R Fear of Commitment

H.E.R. Fear of Commitment 8.16.15

She knew he would drop for women who always lived like it was fall, but smelled like it was summer when the leaves did their autumn dance.

She knew his love would travel like sentimental road trips and plane rides provided by frequent flyer miles.

But she was never a fan of horror films and to her this had the potential of being a scary movie.Because happily ever after just an optimist way of saying until death do us part.

Forever is a death wish

And you have a fully loaded clip of shooting stars but when it comes to target practice it seems to be the aim is always your heart.

She transitioned to you…

You were meant to survive.

You thrive in the dark.

Your thoughts come two at a time like the concept of your mind was based on Noah’s Arc. But when that rain comes. When it starts to pour. It either washes away all the pain or you drown in those sorrows.

Cause outside of passion, all time is really borrowed.

But I hope you realize the difference between chance and fate before it falls down and destiny deems you late. Because peaceful or not it’s all a war and no matter the sword or the gun we know what happens to those who hesitate.

Early death belongs to those who wait.

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