Pink Lemonade

I bet she taste like Pink Lemonade from In n Out.

I bet she can quench every thirst you could have when your mind wanders off to thoughts of Summer time.

With you in the dark is my favorite time of day, but I’d also day dream more if we were intertwined during the light of day.

Let me sip and kiss on you in the afternoon.

You said you ”just need to know it’s real” because so many times you’ve played the fool when you tried to play the field.

You just want the raw emotions to hit you one time so you can get the stroke of how home runs feel.

I bet you taste like Pink Lemonade from In n Out.

She said you talk to me like you never even had a doubt.

Please judge me off your own experience and not what you heard word of mouth.

I get better with age like fine wine but don’t listen to the grapvine

Talk to me with well adjusted affection please do not waste my time. I’m reading from your soul, not between the lines. So please speak your mind.

We could be in love already

We could be each others home already

Bodies up in the air like painting hanging on the wall already.

I could go in vivid details but use your own imagination already.

I’m completely here for you all you have to do is let me know that you ready.

And whenever you’re away send me pictures that the world hasn’t seen already.

They like you for who you present.

I love you for who you are.

I hate museums because I like to touch art not just admire it from afar.

Would you ever tell me a simple lie from above with your angel eyes because the truth feel like the devils relationship with God, it’s far too complex.?

You’re a beautiful girl and that’s what makes me trust you.

We can go to my house and stay the night.

Let’s make it a home.

You say ” I know it’s cause of trauma but I hate sleeping alone.”

I say ” I’m not much when it comes to sharing, but I’m not good at being vulnerable. It makes me uncomfortable.”

So I guess this is when we have to choose to stay or go or separate ways.


And please listen to what I say.

I got enough drugs that we could lay here a couple days and talk conspiracies.

Then if the connection is right. I’ll tell you all my truths and you give me all your pain. We won’t try to fix one another just stare into the others eyes and appreciate how beautiful broken can really be.

She said ”That’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me”

The sentiment rings true like church bells on Sunday afternoon.

There was a man on my phone screaming about how the end was coming soon. Who knew the universe was playing voodoo and I would encounter a doll like you.

Save all the disappointment for when I learn about who you really are.

Don’t lie to me now and please don’t let me down.

You’re a beautiful girl and that’s what makes me trust you.

Do you taste like Pink Lemonade from In N Out?

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