Magic Moments

Magic is more science than anything else.

If you are friends with someone for 7 years you are likely to be friends for life.

Scientifically speaking of course.

We all want to fall in love and start a family with our best friend.

Have holidays and go on vacations with our best friends and their families.

That would be magic.

Sometimes life has been a series of circumstances that were tragic.

Sometimes you hate the holidays.

Sometimes those vacations take a backseat to life.

Sometimes we have disappearing acts and losing people starts to feel like second nature.

I just hope the sometimes that are bad don’t become the all the times.

I hope the sometimes that are good become more of a constant.

You just want to be like everyone else, because it feels like everyone else has it all figured out.

Very few people who are willing to admit they are lost.

No matter what path you take the maps of life change everyday.

You question something new about yourself everyday.

It’s not very often we find the answers about our insecurities in other people but we still tend to look anyways.

All we want out of this existence is to experience what we think is magic.

These magical moments that make us feel brand new as if we are so much more than what we’ve been through.

What’s the deepest wound you carry with you?

I wish you weren’t so loyal to your pain.

You say nothing but good things about those who inflicted it.

You recall all the good times as if they were moments of magic.

Tell me the secret to the smile on your face. You use it a decoy so they don’t pay attention to the tears that can easily take its place.

What are you doing to heal?

What are you actively doing in order to heal what’s currently ailing you?

When it comes to the things that trigger you, you can’t fake putting the work in.

Sometimes we believe it’s only magic that can make everything better.

The real question is do you believe in yourself?

Coverart by: Yacub

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