Seeds of Growth

It’s the season of growth.

All those seeds I planted in the Winter are coming back as trophies.

I’m evil but I’m not scared.

I’m not scared to say I wish you were here to hold me.

I’m growing, I wish you were here when I’m new to know me.

You’re still preoccupied with thoughts you have of the old me.

I don’t blame you.

I even understand most of the time

How you come to the city and act like we in different locations?

As if you can flow next to that river and not think of romantic memories.

Reminders of when I was your favorite. Remind me I’m still your favorite.

Remind me what my name is…

All I can do is ask are you sure?

If you ask about what, I’ll say everything.

Are you positive?

Cause I know some of those negative thoughts win the battle. Please remember this is a war.

Are you sure?

About everything….

Cause when it comes to you and for you I always want more.

Don’t settle what feels like less.

I had to learn my lessons. When it comes to skies full of stars and matters of the heart. I always count my blessings.

I always give well wishes.

Just because I control the words doesn’t mean I’m all good. The bad guys fall in love too. In hopes towards the end we don’t leave a trail of sad ones we wish we held onto.

Tell me you need someone and I can be somebody.

She said I’m afraid of love. Not how it feels but all that it means.

We are humans.

We complicate everything.

The mathematics of love.

Prophecy fantasies about all our theories of relativity.

You want my attention or my affection ?

One is in the moment.

The other is forever.

I want to notice when you are not yourself even in the slightest of ways. So often our trauma is forgotten to be dealt with. Instead it just manifest into changing what’s good about us.

We were hurt.

So we hurt others….

Our generosity was taken advantage of.

So we become selfish…

They didn’t notice our warmth.

So we become cold…

We weren’t heard properly.

So we hold onto our beautiful words…

I don’t want you to have the burden of ever hurting in silence.

You are often trapped in your own head with thoughts that come with too much pride to ask for help.

We become stagnant in our growth.

Don’t become that which are shadows to you. Don’t succumb to the darkness. Lean into your light. Become more of what the world tried to take from you. Nurture your environment so that a life worth up-keeping can bloom.

We need a reset without really changing ourselves, but instead loving ourselves. After we do that maybe we can even conquer the allure of loving one another. Sometimes who we were before is the answer to becoming who we aspire to be. I don’t want to invade your attempt at peace. It just seems to me we can build empires off of being there for one another.

Personality traits like little trinkets we hold onto in hopes that someone else thinks they are special as we do.

You know when something small is on the coffee table at your place but it means something to you. That feeling you get when the right person notices it.

Like “Oh, hey what is that?”

Oh it’s just my awkward laugh, it only comes out when I like someone but haven’t gotten comfortable with them yet or if I have to too many thoughts flooding my mind all at once.

“ I like it”

Let me discover your trinkets.

Don’t hide your beauty due to the insecurities caused by spared feelings. Lean into your light. Go forward with all the things that make you beautiful.

The season of growth is upon us.

This is more important than the Moon and the rising of the tides.

More valuable than Retrogrades and how they affect your mind.

More precious than the Sun and the plants on which it shines.

This is the growth of you.

Evolution of taking care.

I love your garden.

It contains seeds of stars and Earth that can blossom into a universe.

Please drink water today.

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