Do you believe in magic?

I believe in moments.

I believe in substance.

I believe the journey that makes us who we are is just as important as the destination in the end.

Who we are and what we went through to get there.

I believe you can drown in a abundance of emotions, but if they are the right ones it feels like deep breathes of fresh air.

I believe we take our energy for granted.

Why is that?

Are we afraid of what we think we want or more so it won’t be enough once we have it?


The twisted beauty of human ambition is we are never content. We travel to the stars but also stare too long at the Sun.

What if everything we craved just leaves us swarmed by the bees when we thought it would have us dipped in honey.

What are you afraid of?

We swim in ponds when we are meant to explore oceans because we have a fear of the open water.

Why are you like this?

The thought of the unknown is frightening. Our fears can consume us.

Sometimes we create demons in the night simply because we are scared of the light.

Sometimes we do bad simply because we are scared to death of things going right in life.

You never go to the people you need in order to get the love you deserve.

Still you crave the affection. Your heart wants that attention.

You are capable of so much more. I hope you believe me when I say it.

How do you see yourself?

We have been conditioned to always worry about the opinions of the eyes on us. How do you view who you are in all of this?

Why do we give others so much power in our journey?

Being alone isn’t a personality trait.

I am at the point in this journey where I just need to know what’s in somebody’s heart. Do you want the best for me even if it doesn’t benefit your interest?

I want to know someone’s light and their darkness. That’s where the balance of purity comes from.

Are you capable of caring about things bigger than you?

Are you capable of caring about yourself the same way you do everyone else?

Mountains of pain can be cured by hills of happiness.

I believe in moments.

Never be too far removed from simple joys.

You were born with everything you could ever need. It was the world that gave you doubt.

I hope you find your platform and I hope it takes you wherever you are destined to go.

Your soul is full of spells and potions

You are magic.

Don’t be afraid of that.

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