Step By Step

I make a house of poetry with the writing on the wall.

The author is an architect.

I find the dark corners in every room and explore pavement where the sidewalk ends. I’m concrete in all that I believe. In my past time I think about my past life and how this current one will end. Who will ultimately be by my side? I believe in love stories and I put faith in people’s eyes. I rather walk in my truth then run away with a lie.

So ask me how I feel about you.

Let me tell you all the things I can’t touch but are still so real about you.

I’ll tell you all the beautiful ways you make me uncomfortable and unconditional ways being around you gives me peace.

There’s a balance to your spirit.

I don’t want to neglect your soul.

I want to be one of the pieces you think about when you’re figuring out in this life what makes you whole.

Tell me all your fantasies and we can conquer them step by step.

Tell me all your secrets you hold onto day by day.

I just want to hear your voice. The tone is special to me.

Let me know you got home okay on those late nights.

It’s okay to say you miss me, I promise to say it back.

It’s okay to say you hate me.

It’s okay to say I hurt you.

It’s okay to say you need time

It’s okay to say you are ready

I promise not to be offended by your truths.

I promise my touch will come with passion and desires.

I believe in love stories and happy endings.

I know a place that we can go, that only we will know.

I believe in fear and that it can be conquered step by step.

My footprints are on the path. I just hope that you will walk with me.

Travel with me to parts unknown and destinations yet to be seen.

Where you talk to me like parts of heaven are inside of you.

I’m asking for faith where there might not be any left.

I believe in the impossible because I’m living proof.

I believe in love and karma.

So when I wish upon stars I keep you in my heart so the universe knows how much a I want you.

If these walls could talk there would be a school built with lectures of love letters about you.

Would you read or be a wrecking ball?

Everyday we have a choice to build a life or destroy everything.

I’m only human.

That’s not an excuse that’s just an observation that leads to a fact.

I’ll get it right step by step.

My footprints are on the path.

Will you walk with me?

I know I am in your thoughts.

Will you talk with me?

Seeing you changes the way I view things.

I want to bring you peace of mind not things that only happen sometimes.

I don’t want to be a memory you think about on a lonely night. Wondering what could’ve been if things went right.

All of this can’t happen tomorrow.

We are only human.

The writing and the reading.

The loving and the believing.

It all takes time.

My footprints are on the path.

We can do all of this step by step.

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