Oxygen Mask

“Put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping small children or others who may need assistance.”

-Flight Attendant

How is he going to flip that?!

I want to save everybody but I have to save myself. If I can’t fix what’s wrong around me I feel helpless. If they don’t appreciate your effort then that means you have to help less.

I want everyone around me to touch a million but first I need to be multi. I need to be able to rely on myself so everyone can depend on me.

I risk it all for these beautiful rewards.

My ambition is too big if you are going to stab me in the back no knives. I prefer swords.

I want my enemies vicious.

Rental car so nice I almost feel bad moving all that white. We hustle at night so everybody can be alright. So tell me your okay in this world. That’s the only reassurance that I need. If not her than who? If not now then when? The now is fucked up cause you didn’t handle it well then. This is not a drill I’ll never fumble with the ball at the one again. I got master plans for everyone who has enough faith to believe in me.

My brain is asking “Why am I missing you?” And my heart replies “Because that is what you are supposed to do”

Trips in weighted cars one stop can come with a heavy charge.

Road trips from Columbus to Detroit and what’s in the trunk can make anyone the middle to letters of Ohio.

Hi there

Bye there

You visit my mind once a week and think I’m crazy. Imagine everyday I reside here.

I tone it down occasionally but I’m really at the point where I don’t fucking care

Who going to beat my ass or change my mind?

Decided to do my best to be a decent person so my conscious is working overtime.

Can I ask you something?

It may be personal but I think you can handle it.

What’s the scariest thought you have when you are alone?

How many pieces of you have you given to others thinking you’d get love in return but instead you were left incomplete?

Who is the last person that made you change something about yourself and you felt good about it?

Who owns real estate in your mind?

Why is it that sometimes you simply don’t feel that you are good enough?

If I called you beautiful would you think that I was liar?

What’s your biggest flaw?

How come you get bored every time you get what you want?

Do you think you are a good person?

Is there anyone who thinks they are a bad person?

What song kept you alive on your darkest nights and gloomiest days?

When’s the last time you were selfish with your time?

If you could meet one person again for the first time who would it be?

Give me three things you believe in?

If you died tomorrow who would be your biggest regret?

What’s your trauma?

How do you deal with it?

How come you haven’t gotten over it?

Why does everyone seem to let you down when you need them most?

Are you defined by your highs or your lows?

Do you protect yourself in a healthy ways?

Are you screaming for help but no one can hear you?

Are you happy?

Are you drowning?

When’s the last time you took a deep breath?

Put on your oxygen mask...

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