Coachella Thoughts: 2017

On the 7th day god made reality because he was sick of creating shit while tripping off acid. He constructed Antarctica then made the Southern lights and rested as he was coming down. We can discuss all of this in the window if you brave enough to lose control. I’m sorry if I haven’t seen you in years. I’m in a zone but the beautiful woman laying down in the backseat will explain it all to you. We all set up camp but there’s no flags here. It was 6:21 Am to the Pm. Pm to the Am. Day Zero everything was destroyed but honestly what I remember most is hoping I could forever remember this moment. But this I know. Like some of the people around me I’ll slowly have to let it go. Some of these faces I see frequently. Some of these faces I haven’t looked upon since the calendar said 2014. I found Daniella and Page it was a foreshadowing. Each weekend I do this carries a different energy. I doubled up I moved from lot 4 to 8. The showers different but the Ferris wheel and the sunset the same. I’ve never been on the Ferris wheel I always tell myself One day. But that’s the thing about One day the longer you wait the more those days pass you by


Check the caption and you can start to see how I connect the dots. I’ve been viewing you with my telescope, let me in your solor system. I’m trying to star gaze. Take a point for every awkward situation. Till the happy thoughts start to mix and blend like desegregation. 

I didn’t think the logistics all the way through I don’t care if you believe me or not. Still a situation I couldn’t avoid but shouldn’t have put you in. All these lines long I gotta find where Yacub at. All the long lines I think I found where Yacub at. I stepped away from the gate just to get the full visual before I went in. Oh I’m not there anymore I’m currently with Fran. It was delayed but we got the merchandise. Then we game back and took shots with Coop and Nate. Do it again; took shots with Dylan and Ooliver. Do it again; took shots with Kirtly and Ray. Do it again; took shots with Baby Cruz and Jake. Do it again once I see Schylur and Kara. 

Okay I’m back now. I tried to repeat that again but she got overwhelmed as we were about to get the merchandise. The sun is undefeated. I’m always looking for substance but I forgot to eat. I’m always looking for inspiration and I hope it finds me. I’m trying to get those goosebumps so when that wind hits just know I need you close. When that bass drops, when that singer sings, when the lights flicker. I always remember who was around. I understand if you can’t be there but just know I want you close. Take my hand on this journey and I’ll never lead you wrong.

It’s evolution, I noticed how things changed. It’s history, I noticed how things stayed the same. 

It was at this point I knew exactly who my crew would be for the weekend. I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend.

 Take a shower at night in the morning your body will thank you for it. Talked to my mom that night my mind thanked me for it. 
“You’re always happy for them. Like no matter what you’ve always been happy for people Tae. You’re right you are not perfect but no one is. At least your heart is always in the right place. I’ve met your friends and I think most of them know that. But that’s just how life goes sometimes son. You find it what people are loyal to. Have fun, be safe and I miss you”

I’m standing in the middle of a street that’s really a grass field. It’s late or maybe it’s early. All I know is that the stars are in the sky the moon is above me and light is starting to tease the horizon. I’m the only one up. Just eating fruit snacks and thinking.  And I realize everybody isn’t built the same, but life is full of times you have to move on and tough decisions. Sometimes because you’re happy people are going to treat you different. Just respect the distance. We traveled a long way so I respect the distance.

“I miss you too Ma” then my phone died.


I barely saw Megan until Saturday. But I knew it be like this. I wanted it to be like this. It was her and Dans first time here together. That’s really special. So today we are going kick it all day. We never got lunch. But we were both alright with it things never go as planned out here. We just happy to be out here.

Tony and Sierra are taking pictures. You can tell his passion is now her passion in the most purest form. Love is their filter of choice. Anytime I find someone that likes to do something as much as I like to write I wish them nothing but great success. Tony and I had a great talk on the way to get ice. We talked about dreams and Karl. Karl’s not here but just in terms of life. I hope he makes it. Wish I saw Tony more but he is a quality human. I’m really happy him and Sierra work so well together. Sun, the absolute tent and beer gardens with Fran, Nate and Carly it was a great day. I waited for Danny and we went limitless at the same time. and falling asleep with some of my best friends of 9 years it was feeling real Fall O8′

I saw Puff Daddy and Lauren Hill I’m really a child of the 90’s

Okay I’m back now Lot 8. Chica, Cruz, City, Katie, Adrianne, Dylan, Yacub, Alanna, Schylur, Kara, Reef and Jake is kind of here. All weekend Jake is kind of here. As important as it was to fall asleep to that 08′ feeling it was equally as vital to wake up to that breathe of fresh air that gave me that second wind. This is a metaphor for life. They all in my DNA.

CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES sips from this wine bag is MY LAST RESORT. If you drink with me I’ll remember always.

Oollie is next to me. I’m really glad him and Maddie work so well together. Everything on Saturday went according to plan, I saw Majid Jordan. Nobody died. I really couldn’t ask for more. I need the kind of life where I get kisses whenever I like. That food we split brought me back to life. They acting different here but like I said I understand. Must be something in that water. 5 second counts let’s drink some more water.

City took what they sell under streetlights to the head as if the the trap kitchen was full. 

If I tell you I’ll wait for you always come back because until I’ll see you again I won’t move. Troy took it to another level I admire his bravery. Told Kal it would be alright and I always keep my promises.


Kal was alright because I always promised


Pablo let me know it was time to go to sleep.

I couldn’t find peace so I found fresh air. Thought I was the last one up but Jordan Geary with me. This the 3rd time today. Signs come in 3’s


I FaceTime Eddie in the morning because I always keep my promises. We bet on anything. Flip it then Double down because this moment could be everything. Sharon CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES where’s the wine bag?  To understand me you have to realize sometimes I don’t want you to talk to me. If she got long legs I fall in love quicker. Need you to walk with me. I like my drinks cold and I want my ambition to scare me. Need you know I’m always listening. Glitter on your sun kissed skin I see you glistening. We just reminiscing. You telling stories from your past I wasn’t apart of. Now you making new memories I hope I’m the start of. We jumped started and I hope I’m the spark plug. You may not know how my mind works. You do know what my heart does. I want to know you’ve never met anyone like me. I want to hear sometimes that you really like me. Walking green fields hair curly and nappy. I conquered my fears twice who can top me. Truth or dare and the truth is I dare anyone who doubt me to try and stop me. But I know humans are complex so whoever is reading this I’ll never fully understand you. To be honest I don’t want to. Just give me bits and pieces so I can fully appreciate you. Accept me like I accept you. Push me away, but like I said last year I’ll always be here for you. I know you doubt that. Trust me I get that.

We all escaped reality for an extended weekend and created some memories with eachother. And sometimes in life that is exactly what you need. 

It was just us two and then it was just us and them. That and the music was all I really wanted.

And then I began wondering…

If I wasn’t here would any of these ppl still miss me? How long on life’s clock till I’m gone that I simply become a distant memory. I know that’s a selfish thought.  I guess I’ll know and have my answer a year from now.

I wish Piqueno was here.

 I wish Kansas was here.

Now I’m talking about Coachella again. I wish Rhianon and Bennett was here. I wish in these moments I knew what star to wish on. 
If I crash land on your planet make sure my spaceship takes off for the next set. I told someone I’d be there and I always keep my promises. I’m an experiment of the Do Lab and decisions that caused me to do bad. It’s crazy how a man on the stages can control that masses. In that Element I would never tell him to be Humble. I always supported but if I did something that made me happy would you still love me? I got my answer to that question now. Because I never gave you a reason not to trust me. It’s crazy how we spent days walking for miles just to come to the realization about things in which we are in denial. I don’t see the power that comes with the hate. I’m trying to write my destiny but I still believe in fate. Everything in this world that didn’t want you then will be bitter of the amazing things that appreciate you now. The scenery is the same but the scenes are different. Character development. Feelings heavy and the plot thickens. I hope my new beginnings bloom like colored palm trees. I remember Thursday my mind started to think different but Sunday my whole life changed. I wrote this last part strictly for me, so outsiders will have to read a few times before they understand. And I’m just living for me so I really don’t need you to understand. Stages or the backdrop at night we just trying to find the right stars to wish upon. Cause those flashing lights are all we wanted touch. No pictures this Coachella Thoughts. Either you were there or I wish you were there. If you were fake on the fields don’t try to be real now that we back in the City. We all living in different versions of the same reality.


Does anything last forever? 

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