Caitlyn Means Hate in the Old World Native Tongue

Caitlyn means hate in the old world native tongue. 

Humans are funny. Yes I say this being in fact a human. The last two days I have witnessed on social media the reactions to the Caitlyn Jenner cover and the fact the she is receiving the Arthur Ashe award at the ESPYs. And I just want to laugh at it all, but it’s such a sick joke I feel bad for how comical it all is. I understand the support but the outrage is what’s funniest to me. All you close minded people are essentially upset because a person who felt trapped their entire life decided to become an elderly white women. You’re for all intents and purposes upset that Bruce wanted to dress how he wanted, get his nails done, garden and read Martha Stewart. And this post isn’t as much about arrival of Caitlyn as it is about you. I’m going to go on the record and say I really didn’t care about Bruce and I don’t particularly care about Caitlyn. As long as she is happy with who she is and whoever her choice is helping doesn’t feel so alone, everything is cool in my book. Doesn’t affect my world at all. You have to be yourself in this life. If you have the entire world but you have to put on a mask to keep it. That is a miserable existence. On the other hand I also understand if you disagree with the women Caitlyn is or what she represents. You are entitled to that. What I don’t understand is the hate. Why do you hate her, this person you never met and has seemingly done nothing to you besides be who she truly feels she is?

Media outlets have described her as brave and courageous (which she is), but she never said that herself. Still imagine what it would take for normal people who go through this process everyday to come out and proclaim this transformation. Most of us crumble at the thought of our close friends finding out our true insecurities. Think about being one of the most famous athletes to ever live, being apart of the most famous family in the world (we put them there, we are obsessed with celebrity) and on top of that your entire life you’ve felt you were trapped in some one else’s body. Having not just to come out to your loved ones and social circle but the entire world. What if Bruce would’ve made this transformation into Caitlyn and not said anything we all would’ve paid it no attention and not demanded an explanation?! There really is no other route she could’ve taken. The biggest thing is all the people she is helping not just transgender or those who can identify. But anybody who feels like they are not being true to themselves in any aspect of life.

You act like there is only one way to be brave and courageous. Being brave and courageous is just that, being both brave and courageous. Caitlyn is not stepping on the front lines but she is acting as a crucifixion for all of you to hurl your hatred because she makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t fit into your reality. The ones who upset me the most with this is those who serve in our armed forces on Facebook with pictures of soldiers who are trying to compare fighting for our country to what Caitlyn is doing. All because of the outrage of her receiving an Espy. One none and I mean none of us really care about the ESPYs. It is just a shield to further the fact you don’t agree with her lifestyle. Do you even know the history of the award you’re so outraged about? Here is a start. Two she was one of the greatest Olympians ever to represent our country and against the soviets (the ESPYs is a sports award show). Plus this is a bigger deal on the ratings and social spectrum than anyone else getting it. A spectrum we created as a culture. The same reason ESPN shows Tebow and Micheal Sam on loop. They are a business and we all care in some way. I respect those who serve our country it is also both brave and courageous! It is very honorable and deserve more praise and benefits than we tend to give as citizens. But the reason you serve is to protect our country, our freedoms and liberties. So why are you so upset when Caitlyn is taking advantage of those constitutional freedoms by choosing to be herself? Is it because it isn’t your idea of freedom? It is a version of freedom that you don’t understand. Does that make her wrong for not living up to your expectations or you wrong for narrow necking words like freedom, bravery and courage into a little box definition that makes you comfortable and proud to say it.? You’re throwing up these pictures of vets with captions that are attacking this women. Not realizing these veterans went through this in order for people to express themselves (and yes you are entitled to your hate speech too). For all you know that man who got second place whole heartedly agrees with Caitlyn and what she represents in the broader scheme of things. For all you know he had a sibling who went through the same thing. And he is going to be more famous for not getting this award now than he ever would’ve been had he received it. If you disagree with that fact, you simply enjoy arguing and should be my lawyer one day. I can guarantee in the history of the armed forces there has been one person enlisted who has had an experience similar to Caitlyn Jenner. Are they no longer considered your brother or sister in arms if that is true?

Another thing I’ve seen is religious fanatics going on about how this is wrong/abomination/sin all that other stuff we pick and choose still translates today. Religion is cool. To form our society it was needed. I always believe you have to have faith in something no matter how small or God created everything in 6 days big. But answer me this question. No matter what you believe in, who wrote the religious text that you follow? Who physically put those words there?  Have any of you ever talked to God, Zeus, Mother Earth or any other entity that could’ve possibly created us? Depending on the issue you create a new God to fit what you want. Is (s)he vengeful and spiteful or is (s)he loving and forgiving. Either way someone all knowing has more to deal with than Caitlyn Jenner becoming a fashion icon. Check your own sins at the door. I’m not perfect and I’ve moved a lot but every house has been made of glass. So I sit on my stones like furniture, I don’t throw them. I have vices and I indulge in them. I personally don’t care if there is or isn’t an afterlife. I’m going to live my life the same. Trying to be a decent human being, tell those I love that I love them, and learning from my mistakes. If I have to answer questions to reach eternity I will, and so will you. But I will be for damn sure asking some questions of my own too. Because all this going on in the world is fucked up, and I don’t want to be in heaven if some of you holy people are there.

In the end seriously why are you so fucking upset? I can’t speak for transgender society because I’ve never identified with anything but who I am. The same way a white politician on CNN can never truly comprehend what it’s like to be a black man in America. But just because I don’t understand something does not mean it’s wrong, I should hate it, or can’t accept it. Everything about being human is constructed. It is all a fluid concept. If you take offense or take any of this personally just know it says a lot more about you than it does me. There is a difference between disagreeing and hatred a vast sea of difference. Just because something doesn’t fit in your reality doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in the world. Let go of these weak emotions before you drown in them.

But aye what do I know? Maybe you need that hate in your heart. Maybe you need the world to know you’re an idiot. I don’t know I’m just a kid from the 614 that rather drink champagne to celebrate than give power to what I don’t like.


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