Dancing in the rain

Write love poems about you so you know it’s real

Never give me a reason to doubt you, you know the deal.

Hand around your throat simple reminders that you are mine.

Near death experiences give you peace of mind.

If loving me was wrong then I think you were made for a life of crime.

King size bed we role play Bonnie and Clyde.

You get touched a certain way and you cum back to life.

We could do this all day then sleep through the late night.

Hard Body
Hard Body

I know how all those smiling faces and fake friendships end. So do you but you just love to pretend.

When the dramas front stage you just like to act like it will all be okay in the end.

You just screaming what you need because you think it’s the right thing. No one listens, so don’t give advice. Just protect your energy.

I’m not here to tell you about yourself, I’m still working on me.
I’m not here to sell you a dream, the reality of it is all is free.

You’re working overtime for a bond, when a true relationship is wealth.

Golden girls because they take candids when the Sun sets, but they look different as friends when their spirit is shined in the moonlight.

I’m absolutely sick with it.

I wish you weren’t that type of girl but if you only associate with those type of girls, doesn’t that make you that type of girl?

There’s only so many type of girls in the world.

Questions don’t need repeating.

Secrets don’t need revealing.

You are all in your emotions so that has you chasing certain feelings.

Here’s a cheers to you.

This is a melodramatic song played with champagne flutes.

Chardonnay tears that as you wipe the last little bit brunch.

You never act like this when you’re sober.

They never warned you it be like this when you’re older.

That windchill feels different on your face once your soul becomes colder.

Now please tell me who else can write like this?

Not a person alive and the conversation should end there.

Telling me I can’t sin when you’re laying next to me. I’m better off dead.

Where you get your confidence from is far more important than who you give confidence to.

The ides of March is nothing but girls who have new best friends every 6 months.

Loyalty changes as the seasons come.

Are these the people you really want to weather storms with?

When you wear your heart on your sleeve you’re always dressed for the forecast

So where are you going when it rains and who do you confide in when it pours?

Sometimes you are better off dancing alone.

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