Truth of the matter is it’s been awhile since we talked like this.

I told you I love you and I meant it with all of my damaged heart. I just wish I didn’t say it so soon.

But I would never time travel to change how I feel about you.

We finish each other’s sentences because we always tell the truth.

That makes it easy.

I don’t need beautiful lies

Give me simple honesties

I don’t need complex promises

Give me pretty goals.

Truth of the matter is…

I know my love is different. It doesn’t come with contracts or hidden fees. I adore you for free.

Every experience you’ve had truly matters to me…

I have a talent for reminding people who they really are. They have a habit of forgetting about me.

What I once was in the moment frequently becomes distant memories.

I know I’ll always reside in the back of your mind. Because despite your sudden amnesia I revealed your true potential.

You can’t give someone the confidence to pick what they want then be hurt when they choose somebody else. Just when you trust in the process make sure you never lose yourself.

I’ve learned to keep the faith and believe in who I am when praying at the temples of beautiful women who resemble goddesses.

Like Treazy said “I like the way that god made me, I’d like to think that she a black women, who’s into light skin boujee bitches and ain’t afraid to take an ass whoopin’

Thoughts going through island heads constantly switching from prayers to sins and back to prayers again.

I’m not aware of everything but I know a few things about the hardship that religion brings.

Angels who will give you glimpses of heaven just because they’re bored. Then it feels like Hell once they move on.

I know girls that love Ariana grande and secretly listen to Halsey. Counting up the times I touched you like it’s rings. Is that how you learned to live without me?

I’ll put you on Mount Olympus and still scream for your attention from my self proclaimed peaks and valleys.

We could be oh so much higher than this; I’ll still say by your side. When you were down I still appreciated the view. Everyone is worried about the summit. I just appreciate the climb.

Matter of fact with your consent allow me to water you….

Rock bottom is a garden if you know how to plant seeds. You thought it was a grave and I told you this is soil for you to bloom.

I’m too tall to ever be six feet deep. Put you on my shoulders and let you scope out the scene.

You said you were broken. I let you know beautiful reflections can be formed by shattered glass and works of art can come in the form of puzzles.

I’d kill any man who said you were incomplete. Your spirit is more of a treasure than the biggest vault in any empire held by any earthly kings. Hands around your throat gasping for air as your body moves in a way to let me know you’ve never felt more free.

Matter of fact it’s been too long since my hand has been around a throat…

I want you to be yourself cause for far too long you wore camouflage trying to be like everyone else.

Matter of fact you are multiple forms of art I hope you never try to blend in again….

” I’ve been focused on you for a long time”

The last thing I would ever want to do is waste time.

The depths of you are a museum. Some people come to simply watch the exhibit. Others come to contribute to the masterpiece and help you hang frames on your mental walls.

Trying to please on-lookers will put you in chains when what really needed was ropes for pleasure.

It’s okay to sit alone in the dark. Just climb out of your depression. Don’t you dare think there isn’t a ladder there for every pit.

Lay on my chest and tell me all the secrets you have so long kept from the world. Tell me the things you thought no man could understand and I’ll lay with you until I comprehend.

Matter of fact, It’s perfectly okay if we just lay here forever…

Tell me all your favorites then tell me I’m your favorite.

Your body took the edge of this jagged life. Forgiveness cut you like a knife. You wanted to get away but that’s not how wounds heal.

Whenever you need a break, my touch is a vacation.

Conversations without inhibitions is the purest form on sensation.

Talk to me like everything that happened in your dark will come to light. Talk to me like your shadows won’t keep you up at night.

Matter of fact just talk to me…

You said these streets provide bad memories. Let me help you pave new roads. You have constructed flashbacks of your lows. Together we can cement your highs.

Talk to me about my truths before you breathe life into their lies. They just want parts of me that only you know. Names that belong to you. Names only you can answer to. When it comes to conversations involving you I have nothing I want to hide.

Matter of fact I love nothing more than seeing you in this light, it’s special…

You have every attribute of the Sun. Don’t let them trick you into thinking in a well lit room you are just another candle.

Don’t let them touch you with their lips and then after say with their tongue you are too much to handle.

You taste like Summer. Move like Winter. The warmth of Spring. You’re ready Fall.

Seasons change all the time in this climate and people continue to move on.

Matter of fact before they know your essence please make sure they are worth it…

Men would go to heaven and complain about paradise if they weren’t taught to appreciate it.

Your body is a Wonderland like John Mayer songs. If they see you as forbidden fruit then they deserve to starve.

You love freely and give away your hate gently like butterfly kisses.

Long after our time in the physical is gone I want to think about you like you’re the one I’m missing.

These are among the thoughts I will never forget about you.

She said “ I can breathe easy when I’m with you”

She trust me with all her secrets cause I care about her truths

I should never have to question us. Because that’s how much I believe in me and you.

Matter of fact they envy that from afar because you don’t know how special you are…

That’s why they touch your skin but know nothing of your spirit.

You can close your eyes real tight and pretend he’s me, but I know how imagination works.

It will never really feel the same. It will always taste different. There’s no replacement for when it’s authentic.

Tell me all your favorites. Then tell me I’m your favorite.

We could talk about all the silly things and your amazing thoughts. If you want I’m yours for the night.

Or we can meet for coffee in the day time. Life never gives me thirst so I’ll let you choice what I sip from my cup. Show me oat milk for the first time and give me faith in love.

Matter of fact if this is the last time I want to thank you for the moment. I wish we had a chance at forever…

Infinite moments of laying on my chest and telling me all your favorites. Then telling me I’m your favorite.

We’re all just a form of matter…

But with some people we just flow different. We just connect on a different level. With some people even if just for the most brief of moments we were meant to intertwine.

Some people show us that we really matter.

I enjoy this moment.

Tell me stories of when you were young.

Let me hear fairy tales you want when you’re old.

We can worry about reality next time we feel the morning sun.

Matter of fact…

Sometimes tomorrow never comes but in this moment does it even matter?

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