She’s really into interludes …

That part of the album that’s not a full song. Her minds traveling; so her hearts not looking for a home. All I ever wanted out of life that someone that gets me. That when I have my doubts they say that “I got you”. That the way I move for her to the outside viewer they think between her legs must be voodoo. Writing haikus about 6 and 9 let’s do those numbers as if lust is sudoku. Every time I think I found a muse I just get an excuse.

She’s really into interludes…

Please don’t ever forget that I care about you. Give me your location, whereabouts you. Longitude, latitude I just want to be around you.  I want to send that text I was thinking about when I was sober but now I’m faded. My life never works out how I envision it, now I’m jaded. I’d make you a mixtape of R&B songs but nowadays you’d probably just download a playlist. They want that 90s R&B love but don’t want to take the time to travel. What I gotta do to let you know it’s alright to unravel? I think you’re a light but I like all your shadows.  All I want to do is listen to your fantasies for eternity. Your voice is pure seduction. Whisper to me all your insecurities. It’s just us two, we don’t need the world to hear. I got nothing better to do but say you’re crazy and call you beautiful. Let everyone know. Yell it citywide till my lungs collapse and its worldwide. I always keep my walls high but I thought you would appreciate the view. That’s why I let you climb.

She really into interludes…

We have this human tendency to want something new but we living in the past. Give control to the future. How come we’re never satisfied? Often we speak the words to heal but that doesn’t mean much if we never gave ourself the chance to feel the pain. That grief is heavy. I only speak the truth. Listen to my words slow and steady. It seemed like you were ready. Opened at the flood gates then you went and built a levee. Never much liked regrets because they define you more than achievements. Everything I want out of life isn’t impossible it’s just rare. More than ever I believe it. So now I take deep breathes whenever I smell rarity in the air. You want to fall in love or you want to run from your fears? You can’t have both.

So was it all just an interlude? There’s not much around me I have figured out. But I’ll be shelter if you’re living in a storm of your doubts. The waves high but with me you’ll never drown, Is this where we…

There’s more I want to say but like I told you…she really into interludes





an intervening period of time.

“enjoying a lunchtime interlude”

synonyms: interval, intermission, break, recess, pause, respite, rest, breathing space, halt, gap, stop, stoppage, hiatus, lull;More

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