Sunday: Forever or a Night

I don’t know if I’m allowed to call you anymore…

To be honest if I was and you did answer I don’t know what to call you anymore…

I use to refer to you as every synonym to let the world know you were mine. But judging from the date of our last text that was definitely another place and time. If my thoughts were ink there would be libraries for how much you are on my mind. If my fantasies were water. There would be oceans for how much I miss your body on top of mine. It would seeem you would prefer to swim against my wave than let me read from your book and be on the same page. You feel this chapter in your life doesn’t have room in the storyline for someone like me. But the plots twist would be beautiful. I’m not the seven seas or ancient script in sand. No matter how I started, I will always end as a man. The journey you were on you didn’t feel you could hold hands. Just know I’m always walking with you and when you slow down by your side I will stand. Visions of us got me saying “DAMN” in my head as if I could change the outcome. Because time is everything, but I don’t let it define me. Because timing is everything, and I hope you don’t end up just a memory.

You tell me this could be forever I’ll believe you. You say this is just for a night and I’ll trust you. Not many things I would put above you.

I don’t think you trust me, but you probably haven’t trust a man since when you were young and the world called them boys. I know you been through things that won’t allow you to let someone like me in. I ask you questions and in your heart is a plethora of answers but your mind won’t let you form sentences. I wanted someone to believe in and I thought that was you. But your plate was already full. So I couldn’t go to your soul for food. We gave each other genuine hellos and awkward goodbyes. Every time I say Gnight I feel like it could be the last time. I just hope we get one more chance at a good morning. 

You tell me this could be forever I’ll believe you. You say this is just for a night and I’ll trust you. Not many things I would put above you.

I’m from the generation that’s scared of love and don’t think we deserve it. The expectations are high and the hope is low. No one is focused on the person they are getting to know. It’s like you afraid of heights and I’m asking you to skydive. It’s like you don’t want to lose yourself and I’m asking you to be mine. It’s like you rather write a eulogy than to try and live a love story because you more afraid of passion than you are afraid to die

I just want to live forever with you. I hope you understand that concept because everything is temporary in the physical. I can’t make you see in us all the things I see in you. 

Your spirit is worth growing old with. 

Your body i can justify dying for. 


your touch brings me back to life. 

That’s why I spend every Sunday with you.

That’s why I’m trying to wake up Monday to you. 

I don’t want history to repeat its self. I don’t want you to self destruct because the world made you afraid to be yourself.

I understand the purpose of goodbye and text that get no reply. You’re not use to people that will fight to stay. All you know is going through it alone and treating heartbreak like it’s another weekday. 

With me your whole perspective of a calendar will change. 

I already said I want to wake up to you on Monday

I want to buy you flowers on a Tuesday 

I want to to calm your fears on Wednesday 

I want lust in your voice as you say my name on a Thursday 

I want to intertwine as you tell me your secrets on a Friday 

I want to feel the violence in your spirit as you take over my soul when you are laying with me on Saturday

Then that takes us back to Sunday 

I need you to want me more than everybody. I want to love you but my actions do nothing if first you don’t love yourself. 

I know your past put your heart in debt. So now your mind won’t write checks. But give me some credit, I’ve been saving up cause baby love is wealth.

You smile through pain but I don’t mind seeing your emotions. 

This is… this could be…the possibility of something truly spiritual give me all your mental.

I don’t want to hurt you, so I’ll keep my distance if I have to. Those messages where I use to hit send are becoming words I say aloud and just lose in the wind.

Here and now I want you. When it comes to your potential I need you. Or at least someone just like you. 

But love me so good that I think to myself that there’s no one else like you

But I’m not in a rush for it. I can build towards it. That brings us back to time.

In the end I will always be just a man. I don’t have the solution to all your problems. I’m not here to solve all your issues. I’m just saying I’ll be by your side as you’re working on them. So you tell me what’s forever and you tell me what’s only for the night.

While you’re waiting on someday, everyday is passing you by.

I believe in you. 

I trust you. 

Can it be our Sunday forever?

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