Soup or Salad Intro

A friend of the blog put out a collection of music called Soup or Salad and the blog provided the intro. Enjoy

You want soup or salad? This other human asked me as if it could all be so simple. 

As if the moon and stars weren’t constantly on my mind. As if thoughts of all my vices weren’t destroying my mental. During the day I’m like fuck it. At night I sit up wondering how it was all constructed.

I’m the architect for my own pain. Voices in my head telling me it’s alright to go insane. Sitting at a table feeling like everyone in this room is waiting for me to put all this energy together. I’m flying close to the sun while they are all watching to see me fail. I’m on the waiting list for heaven but got floor seats to Hell. And I’m just looking at these broken clocks like only time can tell. I believed in change so I went to wishing wells. I got sick from the drought and all they did was wish me well

You want unconditional or lust

You want to fuck or you wanna make love

You want heartbreak or regret

You wanna take a chance or you want to play it safe

Troy why the fuck would you play it safe?

Treazy if they want to sleep give them a nightmare.

You want to travel or you want a home

You want freedom or protection

You want her or do you want them.

Do you want that feeling 

You need that feeling 

I didn’t come to give you peace of mind.

Depending on the day do you want to live or do you want to die.

So before we get to this entree , the question is repeated again. Do you want soup or salad?

When it comes to life there is so much on the menu, but I feel we can have it all…

So are you down?

Soup or Salad is available on Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify. Give it some of your attention today. 

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