Soup or Salad: A project of choices

One of the most rewarding things about being a writer is being there for moments. Moments you create and moments you witness firsthand that are significant in the history of others. This is a moment for Troy Elliott or as he is known artistically as, Treazy. The rapper hailing from Reno, Nevada recently put out a entree of a project that is named after the options for the first course of meal. It is called Soup or Salad. Mixed at City Wide Music Group studios. The photographer behind the vision for this was A59. The music on Soup or Salad features a litany of other producers and some talented features that the young MC enjoys collaborating with. It is now available streaming on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

My involvement came on in the finishing months of helping a small part of the music come to life but Treazy has been the maestro trying to construct this orchestra for two years. 730 days of dreams becoming visions. Visions becoming reality and fine tuning them until they were something of substance. Something he felt the world could digest. And after those two years he doesn’t quite know what to categorize the music as. Troy Elliott is a man trying to navigate through life. You can hear his confidences and insecurities in his voice as he becomes Treazy the one who elaborates on both his accomplishments and faults with a bravado all his own. 

He is a rapper, a wordsmith that finds passion in this form of expression. But the Motivated Muzic associate doesn’t know if he should refer to Soup or Salad as an album, mixtape, playlist, EP or LP. It exist in the realm of suicide, enjoying life, women, conspiracy theories, success, failure and the complexities of the young black mind. You can hear the influence of a father who may not have always been there in the way he needed him to be. And the guidance of a mother who never left. The majority of the time he rest his case by simply calling it a “project”. The indecision is actually very fitting if you are a fan or irony; considering the entire namesake of the project is about making choices.
It is something he created to exist in a world he is often perplexed by.

I have begun to refer to it as a collection of music. Just as what you are reading is a collection of my thoughts. So would your choice be Soup or Salad? 

It’s not always as simple as it may seem. We are all hungry for different things during our journey through life. Our appetite is not defined only in relativity to what is on our menu but also in terms of what we decide to devour and feed others who come to our table. 

Troy Elliott has his curiosity about it all and skepticism to compliment it like a fine wine at dinner. Or in his case a glass of Hennessy on the rocks at the local watering hole. His curiosity is not just music but life and all its facets. You hear it coming to fruition in his lyrics the way they chisel with his unique voice onto the beat. You may even witness it if you do the favor Treazy ask of you on the first track after the intro called Sex on the Elevator. “Would you get to know me? Because I would love to get to know you and if you give me a chance. Could you make my dreams come true? Would you get to know me?” 

Hit play, then dinner is served. 

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