By The Lake

If I die young bury me in Ohio. Somewhere the devil can’t reach me but I’ll still hear Gods audio. While I’m here in the physical, go skinny dipping with me in Lake Tahoe. Angels who did bad things. So when they die they get butterfly wings. That’s how my mind works. Born on the right side of the wall, America psycho. Like to hear the broken-hearted sing well, it’s saves me from my own insanity. My nightmares have filled my mental with all these pretty things. I use to wonder how does my mom sleep at night and then I realized my mom really doesn’t sleep at night. And now I understand why I don’t sleep at night. I’m already tall and spiritually I’m trying to go on a growth spurt. My mental dealing with things that make my soul hurt. I get inner peace from art hanging on my walls. I went skydiving with my ambition so I would no longer be afraid to fall.

I’ve never lied to you, that’s why you here.

I really went skydiving it was me and Dalgo.

It was a few Falls ago. Reaching the point I can’t fail, blame it on my ego. To manifest your destiny you gotta pay your dues or else the universe will take it all back like a repo. 

But while I still got it, let’s touch the waves. Can you meet me by the lake.
 So if I die old. Burn this temple down. Set my body on fire. Put my breath in the air and my spirit in the ground. Give me peace from all them cold nights. Spread my ashes over an inner city war zone like I’m on the front line with zombies in a fist fight. I mastered the art of staying alive like a anti suicide kit. In a room full of people and I still don’t know who I’m with. This could be everything Purpose of Nothing on my sleeve like a culprit. In your city moving like young gawds so we had to learn the Greek alphabet. Felt this way since I first went to New York in the 8th grade. Snuck something on the school bus I was just trying to get paid. Staying in my lane but at the same time I switched states.

And while I’m still alive, could you meet me by the the lake? 

I don’t celebrate Father’s Day. And the constitution wasn’t written with me in mind. So I rarely listen to what my fore fathers say. Dressed in all black moving down the street in a hearse. That’s a Philly day parade. Leave the Earth to the Meek that’s what my Nana say. Good Chica by my side, so for me she still gone pray. I learned at a young age to get my the hunters way. So I’m gone steal and prey. Whoever in the sky will understand I’m just trying to eat another day.

But while I’m still alive, can you meet me by the nearest lake?

Whatever is in my system is messing with my spine. Been behind from the start so I’m always crossing lines. It’s like the saints and the sinners got together on the youngest of the lions they said “With his soul let’s comprise.” So even when I’m bathing in the dirt I feel so divine. I hate everything about the game, it’s infested with the lames. I ain’t even want to take the shot but I’m the only one with the range. Everybody at my table eating that’s my fucking idea of fame. I love when they read my struggle but I hope they never know my name. You are not alone but I hope they never see my face. I just move out of love. I stopped looking for the thanks. I realized they just going to put the concrete roses at my grave.


Tell them I didn’t really sleep but I had dreams. It’s not about when you want to go, it’s knowing when to leave. Tell them about all the times that I felt so I’m alive. Tell them I love people still breathing but I treat them like they ghost. Tell every queen that I lost she’ll live forever in a love poem. Tell them every king I ever met never sat on a throne.
Tell them the biggest fire the world will ever see is when I burn my list of regrets. But drown in champagne for all my accomplishments. Whatever you do. Don’t tell them what I’m gone do next.

Put the roses that grew from the concrete at my grave.

But while I’m still alive can you meet me by the lake?

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