2nd Annual Coachella Adventure

Young Lion Blog is giving away a Weekend 2 Coachella general admission ticket again this year.

How to qualify to win: Simply go and follow @YoungLionBlog on Twitter then retweet and favorite this tweet

One winner will be picked at random to receive a Weekend 2 Coachella pass. (Must be 18 years or older to win)

Why I do it(If you care): We all handle lost a different way. We all gain things in various aspects. Over a year ago I almost lost my best friend James Kansas Chapman. He was entering the prime of his life, recently graduated college, got an engineering job in his field and was participating in the Spartan Race. While doing the event he sustained a neck injury leaving him paralyzed. Kansas is a fighter and was in outstanding physical shape. So after hours of grueling surgery he survived and is still adapting to his new reality. But I can’t even explain to you how well he has handled this life changing ordeal. Still keeping his same sense of humor and working to improve in whichever way is possible.

Just a little more than two months ago I did actually lose one of my best friends in Alex Piqueno Trussel. He was my little brother from my fraternity days. He was leaving a football game and got hit by a driver under the influence. He was in the cross walk and the person operating the vehicle didn’t even stop. Trussel would later pass in the hospital due to the injuries sustained and the driver of that vehicle eventually turned himself into authorities. He was a middle school teacher, coached multiple teams, was in love and one of the most genuinely happy people you’d ever meet. He was a quality human that was raised by an amazing family.

Both these men are better than me. Both were going to join me at Coachella past years but school, work, finances and life in general would always have them saying “maybe next year.” Kansas and I have had conversations about it and once he gets adjusted to his new reality and is able he still can come to Coachella and numerous other adventures with me in the future hopefully. But Alex, my Piqueno doesn’t have any “Maybe, next year”s left. I carry him with me in my thoughts and heart everyday but physically he’ll never run the Polo fields with me. My memories I shared with him are strong as ever, but it hurts I can’t make new ones.


This will be my 3rd Coachella personally. Last year after Kansas unfortunate accident I did the first Coachella Adventure giveaway. I did raffle tickets costing $5 and the proceeds went to him. With all who participated we ended up raising $500.


I was a senior in college and would just run around campus with the tickets, mail them to those not in my city or when people saw me on the streets hand them out. This year I simply don’t have the time to meet up with people and I’m not on campus nearly as much. So I’m simply doing it via social media. I do ask if you want to donate and help at the end of this I am including a link to Kansas GoFundMe. For Alex I talked to his mother and she ask that in his honor you donate to a local middle school or volunteer some time at a local youth center. You can have a real impact on a child’s life this way. I recently coached a middle school basketball team and it was honestly one of the most rewarding and greatest things I’ve been apart of. If all you have is a dollar or five dollars to spare I greatly appreciate it. And it goes directly to him. If you have a few minutes to an hour to be in a kids life you could change their entire world. If not, you still can win. None of it is for me. This is something that I feel is greater than me. For two men that are and were better than I.
The most valuable thing we have in this world is time. And the thing we tend to take most for granted is time. We spend it chasing things that we don’t realize are unimportant until it’s far too late and we run out of time. If life is a treasure map time is always the X marking the spot. While we have this time here I think everyone should experience something like Coachella or any adventure you desire. You should be surrounded by your friends and enjoying life as much as possible. Constantly working towards that view. Trust me I know it’s not as simple as me writing it here and you can magically do whatever you want. But this is just me doing my little part to help someone avoid saying “Maybe, next year”. My mantra is “Life is all about the view”. So I do my very best to keep amazing people, food and sights in front me. I think we all have the ability to change the world even if its just for one person. Thank you for reading. You are all lions to me.

If you want to Read Alex Piqueno Trussel story: https://younglionblog.com/2016/11/18/alexander-pequeno-scott-trussell-the-best-of-us-all/

If you want to read James Kansas Chapman’s story: https://younglionblog.com/2015/11/28/kansas-the-gladiator/


Kansas GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/wz9n5g


Find a way to change the world for the better today.

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