I want the type of love that she knows her smile is the best thing in the world to me. So she doesn’t mind getting wrinkles at an early age. 

She gets a little crinkle in her nose right before she is about sneeze. I squeeze her a little tighter every time she is about to leave. 

We will fight and disagree but I’ll never doubt you. Sometimes you’ll think I am the worlds most stupid and stubborn man but I can’t live without you.

I need you to know that. 

You are my focus.

I picture you in my mind. 

You my Kodak.

I grab her by the neck and she gives me a round of applause. We take pride in being different from y’all. I put my pride aside when difficult decisions are involved. To all the outsiders we move like wrecking balls. But they don’t get our construct we built this from the ground up.

Caution into the wind

 I love crashing into you. 

You’re my ocean wave during a full moon. This the type of passion most only get when they eat food. Got a lot on my plate but I only crave you. Body heat between us so intense, the Devil would reject us as sinning fools.

Let’s be young and dumb that’s gives us so much room to grow.

Let’s learn this script together. We the universes favorite show.

Time will past, but you’ll be by my side

One day we’ll just be sitting at the table you telling me about your day and I may not say it aloud but I’ll be thinking with every beat of my heart like it’s gods drum how did I ever live without you. 

The type of love that we are well into our forties and our children our grossed by how I still grab you by your waist and flirt with you in the kitchen before Thanksgiving dinner. 

That’s my favorite holiday. 

That when our daughter reaches 18 years of age on whatever social media platform is popular at the time she says something like ” I have unrealistic expectations of love because of my parents”. 

That our son opens door for women and not because we directly taught him to. More so it’s a natural reaction because he’s seen me do it repeatedly over the years for you. 

We have brunch every Sunday and nights filled with board games. I learn about every angle of you like a physical documentary as we sip champagne. 

That constant love. 

No matter what restaurant in the world we go to we know what to order for each other. But every time you walk in the room the chills feel brand new. I always know what to say, you always know what to do. 

The type of love where I adore you even in silence. We don’t even have to talk much just lay down for hours and let the music take control of us. Passion so real it feels like lyrics are holding us. 

I want the type of love that makes me believe in religion. That is fully committed to being fully committed. And when ” Til death do us part” come around I’ll yell to those angels in heaven like blasphemy if the holy trinity dares take you before me. The type of love that feels more permanent than tattoos. Kissing you all over when I can’t handle the worlds bad news. 
That’s a lot of pressure, but I imagine you are the best diamond.
I want the type of love that I didn’t realize I was ready for it until I had that type of love.
Cause as I’m writing and you’re reading we realize we live in a world that’s in every emotion but love. 

Souls moving rapidly adapting quickly to all this negativity. Currently I’m trying to grab so many things at one time my thoughts of the future are getting blurry.

What’s the rush?

From the ground if you view clouds as role models they’ll ask you “what’s the hurry?”

So we should just slow it all down. 

Love is understanding. Love is simple.

We are the complicated ones.

It is something we should aspire to. Until it’s everywhere we are like longitude and latitude. So guess I need to adjust the compass on my attitude.

So tell me everything you want from love. Show me everything that made you believe in love

I’m not sure if I met you yet but one day we are going to be so content in life and I may not say it aloud but I’ll be thinking with every beat of my heart like it’s gods drum how did I ever live without you. 

Our conversations will make my view less blurry.

I need you to know that. 

You are my focus.

I picture you in my mind. 

You my Kodak.

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