Him (everything in between) Her

Him: I thought Summer was only suppose to last 500 days?

Her: You know what they say about people and seasons. It all comes down to the reasons

Him: Is it real? You and I, this world we created.

Her: We almost made it…

Him: This view is fading

Her: I thought fairy tales were more than childhood memories. Your skin cool and brown like different color of iced tea. Am I your Sun or your Summer I need you to remind me? I thought I was yours…

Him: I thought you were mine…

Her: I feel like we’re saying the same thing so how did we ignore all the signs?

Him: I guess our hearts are as stubborn as our minds. When I needed you, it felt like you stumbled that responsibility in our prime. Those nights it was most dark I saw the stars in your eyes but you looked away. I can’t wish you closer if you look away. Every time I want to talk why do you always look away?

Her: I’m not the bad guy

Him: I never said that you were. I’m just trying to understand why it all isn’t how it was. You were so pure and I don’t want to be the reason that your jaded. You always worked with the negatives as if this was one of my disposables. Art is suppose to last forever. This was a picture that we painted.

Her: It may be hanging from the wall but maybe we are looking at different frames. I don’t hear the joy come from my lips when my tongue echoes your name

Him: Color my life with the chaos of your trouble please. We ain’t been together in months but it seems like years cause for years you were the one I told all my fears. Told all all my cares. Told all my where’s. Where I been. Where I was going. Now it seems all that will disappear. Seems like I haven’t been anywhere.

Her: You got skeletons in your closet and I have demons under the stairs. How can we expect blessings to live here?

Him: I think like a king but I know not to go against gods. My vision of you was stars. But you fell for the fraud. You thought he would treat you like a planet but he took it away like Pluto.

Her: So do you want an apology for the astrology? I had you walking on multiple moons as if this love story happened in another galaxy.

Him: Do whatever you want just don’t come to me only for whatever you need. Cause the last time I said I love you you didn’t say it back like those words were oxygen and you decided not to breath. When it came to me it seemed your hate came with ease. So my mind told me to take the next exit please. Freeway, going dangerous speeds. I guess I’m back to Earth now.

Her: Good or bad you caused me pain like no other man was able to. Lessons learned. I see Aesops fables when I look at you. You told me life was all about the view I close my eyes and I see you. Sorry for my words of the past but in the present those are not true. Houston, H town we have multiple problems when I think of you. Crash landing, you’re not the only one affected by the gravity of what we went through.

Him: Being human means sometimes things get heavy.

Her: I will admit when it came to loving you I wasn’t fully ready.

Him: Since we admitting things. I must admit I fell in love with your potential. I needed to admire what you were but now I cherish what you are. I hate telling time. So you tell me, is it too late?

Her: your next, I can hear her now

Him: your next, I can see him now. All these wicked visions

Her: …

Him: is one more real than the other?

Her: Without a shadow of a doubt

Him: All the shadows that follow me have their doubts.

Her: Well be certain about something. Who you love?

Him: You know the answers you. I love you. Even if past conversations are still true.

Her: Is it Fall yet?


Him: Welcome to heartbreak…

Her: Stop thinking you’re the only answer!

Him: You never reply when my mind comes up with these questions. I can’t hear I love you from ghost. Can’t look to demons for affection. Put the devil in a new dress and you’re still admiring a sinner.

Her: It all sounds so good in your poetry. Lyrically you are holding me.

Him: It all looks so good when you don’t run away from everything. We can work it out and actually have a talk. When you stop caring about others expectations of you and just tell me what you want. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? Sorry I didn’t mean to yell, but what the fuck do you want. You always tell me after the fact. Like I have the guilty verdict and you come with new evidence when I’m already in jail.

Her: Yeah but you’re not listening to me. I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. Part of me wishes I never got myself into this situation in the first place. I don’t regret anything tho. We’ve experienced so much together but there comes a point when there’s only so much effort and chances someone can give. I don’t want to give you another chance because it’s the same thing over and over and over with us. Then we’ll be having this conversation again in another 3 months.

Him: I’m trying to talk now. Have this conversation here. As long as you know I tried and I want you happy. I think that’s how I know I love you because pride aside I want you happy. And it’s hard to put my pride aside but I need you happy.

Her: I think we both deserve to be happy and I know now more than ever that this isn’t what I want. I’m sorry

Him: I won’t accept apologies for honesty. I wish you were always like this when you talked to me. Sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn’t talk to me.

Her: I greatly appreciate your apology. But It’s not just that, I just don’t think our problems are ever going to go away. And there not small enough to where we can just work on them. We are two completely different people and just because we’ve gotten comfortable with having the other person there and are afraid to be without them is a shitty excuse to stay with them and in the nicest way possible that’s why I can’t be with you anymore.

Him: I never wanted the same, but I see your point of view. I never wanted the same. I couldn’t work out everything in my head with someone that’s just like me. I’m not scared to lose you, being alone is my comfort zone. I genuinely love you, there’s a difference. I’m not saying this to attack you but often you miss out on the part of the relationship that makes it strong. All an argument is, is two people who think they are right. The little things are most important to me. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on in your mind. You have this thing where you think everyone is going to leave so you always make sure you’re the first to walk away.

Her: I didn’t mean to cut you out but I’m done leading you on. I want you to know I’m going to do my own thing now. Honestly at this point I’m fine with having a friendship with you. If you don’t want to that’s fine too. But like I said our problems will never go anywhere. They’re always going to be there and you can say you’ve changed and I can say I’ve changed but it doesn’t matter because I constantly see the same you and I know I’m the same me so I know nothing is ever actually going to get better or change. I honestly just want to move on from this and just focus on myself again.

Him: I think communication can solve everything. Imagine if we talked openly like this from the beginning. Not just when you’re upset with me or I feel you’re being standoffish. Imagine if I wasn’t so stubborn and you were so petty. I can see what’s different now between us, but I’ve always been one to look ahead. You’re living in the past so I can’t change your mind about the future. But you have to live how you want.

Her: This isn’t about a misunderstanding this is just about being real with ourselves and facing reality. I tried I really did try again I gave it another shot. It didn’t work. We’re the same people we were before. 2 disconnected kids trying to force something that should come natural. We’re going to have to work on a friendship because we’re around each other so much and things shouldn’t be awkward. I’ll always care about you and love you but I don’t want to look back at these times in 10 years and say damn I wish I would have listened to my heart. I’m being young and selfish right now because I feel like this is an acceptable time in my life to do so.

Him: Now you decide to speak like poetry. But the way you said this should come natural got me thinking you don’t understand nature. Even with a higher power you need evolution. To be natural you have to adapt. Natural is you with no make up on us early watching Saturday morning cartoons. Even if it’s a Monday, we pretend like it’s a weekend. But you don’t understand the nature. I think young and selfish is such an excuse from a generation lacking substance. I say I love like I mean it for tomorrow and forever. Not just for the night. The best thing about all of this is I already know how this will end. We talked about it during our “Honeymoon” stage. We both knew every relationship reaches this point. We’ve always been realistic about everything except for love. People always get to that point. The “I’m not with you but I don’t want to see you with no one else”, ” I love you, but is love enough anymore?”, “I’ve never felt this way before, but is it worth it on the other side?”, “You’re taking me for granted”. I know how your mind works. That’s why I know you’ll act tough but really I’ll always be in the back of it, your heart saying bring him to the front of it. And you know me. For you I’ll drop everything. When the going gets tough, the voices get loud or you end up at my doorstep drunk. I remember everything and you can’t forget about me.

Her: I remember this conversation. I showed you a video. We said we never let it get to this point. That we’d just fall in love again. We messed up the plan. The architects lost the blueprint.

Him: I know you’ll start ignoring my text when I check in. And eventually I’ll stop comparing every other girl to you. No matter what we’ll be okay. But I’ve never lived life to simply okay. Okay is for people who are already dead. I will say not just with me but everyone in your life please appreciate them a little bit more. I know your guard is always up. But you are the most amazing person in the world when you open up. I got a few moments of it, but the world deserves to see it. The beauty of this is no matter how complex it all gets there’s only two ways it all can end. You say people don’t change I think it’s impossible to stay the same. The nature of it all. But right now our view is different. I love you. And the universe will take care of the rest. Winds rise, leaves turn colors and hit the ground. I’ll see you when Fall comes, but I’ll probably still call you Summer.

Her: I love you too. I say that because I mean it and I’m not letting you get the last word.

.This Is A Love Story.

.You Just Have To Find It.

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