The Heist 2: Armed Robbery

Our thoughts and ambitions do not rest in our comfort zone. We don’t sleep easy at night knowing that we did good enough or simply tried our best. 

Dreams are for kids.

We came to take over reality. 

Goals and ambition are our destiny

Don’t mention what we’ve done unless you’re ready to accept what we are going to do. 

We came for the glory, you can have the rest.

You can have whatever is left…

Either because they care or because they are nosey. After great victories people always want to know what’s next. 

What’s next?

We are proud of the accomplishments, but not satisfied. Where others might simply be hungry for more, we are starving. 

You see us. 

You hear us. 

But you only see what we want you to see. You only hear what we want you to hear. We are predators constantly backed in corners. 

That makes us extremely dangerous. 

No thoughts of the past no foresight into the future. So we must dominate the now. Who ever dare comes close you’ve been warned. We have a vision but we understand generally people don’t get the picture until it’s drawn out. You don’t see the art until someone else tells you it’s beautiful. You don’t see the victory until someone else has told you we won. But you must know by now we didn’t come for 2nd place. Train this hard, just to come and congratulate you. 

Being humble is being prepared to lose. 

So what’s next? 

What comes after the trophies? What comes after the hellos, what comes after the goodbyes and handshakes? What comes after hours after training? What’s left to lift? What more is there to gain? 

The answer very simple, everything… 

The Heist isn’t over. We just upgraded to armed robbery.

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  1. Sal Moccio says:

    Well done, the video was great.

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