Coachella Thoughts:2016

I fell in love with multiple things everyday. That’s the undeniable beauty of this place. Make no mistake we were equipped with a mindset of destruction and we went in with every tool we could ever need. We went in with one goal “Be reckless or die” and we all still alive. 

We all still alive…

I always hear people say there is beauty in the struggle. Well I think there’s art when you lose yourself and fall apart. I like to build people up but breakdown everything around me. That is not about demolition but essence. The world is nothing but stardust and elements. I like to figure out what is at the core of everything. Where is your soul at on the periodic table? So much goes in to visual we forget about the method. So much praise for the genius and we overlook the madness.

 But everyone here is a little insane. 

Look in my eyes and see what I see…

You’re mine for the Weeknd 

All these hills have eyes


I got Goosebumbs

R.L. Stine

Surrounded by beautiful girls that don’t play fair, and all around me is the opposite of nightmares. 

The opposite of nightmares, this is dreams

This is all a vision

Walk with me…

Ask me what I’m feeling

Lay with me…

Ask me what I’m dealing with

Dance with me…

Ask me to keep it real with you because you deserve that more than anything

We were loyal to the stages. 

We stood in front of them like temples.


This isn’t blasphemy 

A higher power is standing with 90,000 people all experiencing the same thing in a different way. All taking different journeys to get here. To be in this moment. So much is going on. So much is being appreciated. I take comfort in knowing there is so much happening in the minds around me. We are all hearing this but it is doing different things to us. 

Making us think about different people

Making us believe multitude of things are possible

You start to feel something just thinking about it. 

You can’t control it.

 Don’t try to control it.

 Embrace it now, this isn’t something you bottle up. Let your soul feed from it now because this metaphorical meal doesn’t come with leftovers. There’s no need for engineering things that are this pure.

Death is the last thing on your mind when you feel this alive.

Deep breath. We all still alive.

I came with 67 people. Quickly that group would fraction off and I’d be with 5 or so people everyday just adventuring. But those 5 or so people were always the most important. I don’t need that much around me to be happy. Don’t over complicate the recipe. Don’t oversaturate the market. A lot of the time I’d wander off alone. It miraculous being able to find silence in a place designed for noise. I’m an introvert. I moved a lot growing up so I got good with talking to people. Crafty with interaction when need be. I like my solace though. These are stories for another time. Get lost in this moment with me. 

I got to wake up every morning to bags of wine and people that wanted me to be happy. I wasn’t worried about any other motives that could be in play. 

There’s always other motives at play.

 Humans always move with a motive.

Actions are carried off with a purpose

That was all unimportant. 

Vibes were all we needed. Patterns and sequences. Smiles moved through the campsite like fresh air. Sometimes in my daily life I’m always breathing but it’s not fresh air. I’m worried about what’s next too much. 

Fuck, what’s next? What comes after this?

Damn that’s all up to me to figure out what’s next.

I know what’s next. 

I know what’s soon to come.

All that matters here is this moment

All of this is so now.

I need to go bother Ashley and Chonny their energy levels aren’t high enough. I need to let Livia know ill always be here no matter what. I know sometimes she doubts that.






I need to tell them once a day while I’m here they’re brothers to me. 

They need to know that

I need them to know that

People don’t let other people know that enough. 

We give all praises to the most high but how often to we give glory to the Angels in our life.

Everything is calculated with me. Even in my most sincere and intimate moments. I know who I’m letting in. If 5,000 people see this I know the hundred I need to see this. I’m glad you’re all here. 

Reading this blog

At Coachella with me

If you’re not reading this blog, if you’re not at Coachella. 

It’s okay I’ll get you next year. 

Or the year after that

We growing, and I don’t plan to let you go for a long time.

Come closer
Tell her come closer.

Look her in her eyes and tell her come closer. 

Later she is going to make a thrown out of your shoulders

Welcome to the part of my mind that nobody gets to see. 

Only a few ex girlfriends and women I almost had.

I held you and it was the first time I thought the whole world could fit in the palm of my hands, the whole universe in my arms.

Come closer. 

Theme of this weekend

Make a thrown out of my shoulders.

The sky will be your crown.

You are royalty.

You’re so far away from me, but I can’t say no to you.

I love these moments.

Life is all about the view. 

It’s my job to create these moments. It use to be my job to simply survive. 

We past that. 

So far past that. 

Life is paying me back like rent is overdue.

It would seem we’re too far gone to look back with any regrets. 

There’s so much ahead of us. 

Look at this stage. 

So much ahead of us

I’m now looking past all the stages.

Met her at Coachella. How far is the VIP? I got chills when you said you would come find me. No matter the crowd I whole heartedly believe you would find me.

Meet me in the middle of the Yellow Chairs 

There is no lost everything is found. 

Love in a hopeless place

We found it all here

Peace sign in the air

Come closer

Come find me

I just left the Heineken house, I’m walking to the main stage it’s just Rhi and I. She’s looking for Bennett. He’s probably with Zach. 

Tell Brooke, Spencer went to get water. He’ll be right back.

Hug Rhi, let her know I’m with her. She thinks everything is temporary. So let her know you’re with her. Simple gesture but it’ll change the way she calculates the stars.

Connect the dots.

You always wishing upon stars so put your life in the constellations.

A young lady stopped me, complete stranger. She asked if I was “YoungLionBlog”. She asked like it was my birth name. I said yes like a signature. She told me she always reads it to her fiancĂ©. Two beautiful women. If these words ever find you thank you for that. 

Come closer

Come find me 

I’m with Megan were going to Afters, after we leave here. Then the beer garden with Reef. I think he is enjoying all this, that’s important. I’ll be looking for you there. I always run into Jordan Geary. Just sitting on the ground. I like that kid, quality human. As I turn around and we give that I’m glad you’re alive and well head nod at the Sahara tent. Yacub Drink More Water. 

Come closer

Come find me

I’m with Katie, no not that Katie, the other one. Had to meet her while my phone was still alive. I couldn’t find her Friday. We’re by the art. Yea I know there’s a lot of art. I’m on a different level right now.

What’s after this? What’s next? Who will I be a year from now? A real constant is everything changes. Tell me you’ll be here with me. 

I feel for you. 

Prince died. 

Just be yourself and you can rule my world. 

Honesty and loyalty anything else would destroy us. Tell me what’s on your mind tell me quick. Sorry could you repeat that? I know it’s hard for you to say these things so I appreciate that. 

Strike a pose stare at the camera like its me. Stare at the stars like they shine for you and I. Tonight I truly think they do. Put my life in constellations. How do you connect the dots? I’m never in the pictures that’s just not the life for me. That feeling I gave you when you think back. That’s how you know I was there. The feeling I gave the world that’s how you will know I existed. 

See it with your own eyes, feel it with your own heart. That’s how you’ll know what truly existed.

Come closer 

Come find me

I’m by the over priced food. I haven’t ate in days. This morning brunch was tequila and a smoothie. Lunch will be what we snuck in my fanny pack, no food. Dinner will be chewing over thoughts of you.

Ask me what’s in my system and I’ll say eternity. Reckless as if this mindset brings me closer to infinity.

Ask me what’s in my system, I’ll say eternity

Next year I’m trying to switch roles. I want to go to both weekends. Put me on a stage. I need to experience this with Fran. Figure out ways to get Kansas here.

 He never leaves my mind. 

He one of my motives. Humans always have motives. Just keep the intent pure.  

No Devils in this campsite. 

We in the back of cars battling demons.

No seat belts just lines were all trying to get to the front of. Lines at the campsite longer then the ones for the bathroom. All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom.

I’ll tell you what’s most pure about you. When you were at the Do Lab washing away all your sins. You looked so beautiful I didn’t want to touch you. Society always said hang the art in museums and don’t touch it. But tonight I need you in my arms. I came for the music your love was the special guest. 

Can all this be unconditional? Grow but please don’t change. I don’t want to have to think about motives.

I’m faded but I don’t want you to fade.

Caress you with my hands like you were my favorite pair of blue jeans.

I don’t want you to fade

Come closer. 

Come find me.

I’m with your friends. You brought them all here. They’re all taking pictures. Filters don’t dont do them justice. The lighting is too perfect and the caption must read like scripture.

I like the moment before the moment. The mixture of anxiety and calm. When time stops right before everything is about to change. When you’re standing on the shore right before the waves. I’m going to pirate this ship. Everything is about to change. Honesty and loyalty let’s keep things between us the same. Let’s keep it simple. If it begins to get complex, let’s break it down. Read this multiple times. There’s essence here. Sneak in like the Trojan of Troy. Break it down. Give me all your complexities. Talk to me as if the words from your mouth are lyrics to my favorite song. Sing to me. You can’t sing but please sing to me. You thinking about the past when the future is what’s next.


Come Closer

Come find me

I’m underneath the colored palm trees. This is my favorite part.

I love when we talk strange and blame it on the full Moon.

You ask me what do I mean?

I’m still faded, but I don’t want you to fade. 

This was all a blank page my souls splattered like the tips of my fingers are spilled ink.

Eternity in my system and a lot to drink.

So many voices. They are all telling me stories. I can’t share them here. But I remember all of your names. The thing is when your most happy is when you think most about what made you sad. I think they know I’m here to listen. If life beats your legs, I’ll tell you to run.

At night, I’m alone. Alright, I’m alone

Talking to myself about thoughts of you

I hope they know this is about us.

In S. 11th and Main Street is where I put my trust.

Help me change everything and things between us will remain constant.

I don’t know how long I can keep all these people close.

Come closer.

Come find me

My phone died so now you get these thoughts. 

I’m going to lay down now. 

Just an air mattress and the stars.

I’m putting this all in the constellations.

I can hear everything in the distance. I can feel the art.

Remember this moment as you fall apart.

What are you looking for?

Who are you looking for?


Come closer

Come find me

I’m heading home

They told me it snowed there

I’m not worried

Lately you always find me.

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