Love Collection

You should pull up on me

Is that asking much?

I love you

That should be enough

I need you

Did I just say too much?

You’re the only one

You believe me now?

I know it’s been awhile 

since I been around

But you’re my drug 

and I hate coming down

I’m trying to model my love after all your fashion. I’m tailor fitted with these branded genes to show you all my passion. Your affection in high heels is runway dreams. I’m not cut from the same cloth as them other guys but not holding you is ripping me away at the seams. Everything about you is exclusive and name brand so you know what I mean. No filters this love is pure. This love is Paris this love is New York. This love is art this love should be hanging on walls. This love is fully clothed in the winter. This love is bikinis on beaches we never knew existed in the summer. This love is Sunday’s not leaving bed we don’t go past putting pajamas on.

This love is you naked…

This love is me admiring you naked.

So this love is everything and nothing at all

This love belongs in a museum



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