The Other Day

The Other Day my older sister said she was proud of me.

She still here in the physical but those words guarded me like an angel who looks down on me.

She keeps me grounded.

Like her spirit is the soil, my mind is the feet and her simple words act as gravity.

My soul needs that balance.

Like teenagers with weekly allowance.

We know what now is.

The motto is to always do more than they allow us.

This energy is forever cause death is only for cowards.

She tells me use my voice …

I rather be a wall flower.

All this white noise

Formed from too many black thoughts

No victories were given, even though we are the ones that fought.

History rarely favors the have not’s.

Too many Rabbis turn a blind eye

Too many Pasters don’t have a third eye.

So even if it’s the end like they predict we  won’t see signs.

My greatest obstacle is this wall of broken clocks now I gotta wait to tell time.

I just need a symphony of my sisters voice saying it’ll be fine.

It’ll. Be. Fine…

Because all these consumer lines are starting to feel like slave ships.

So lost in my own inception.

Trying to go in One Direction. The elements of my mind is the greatest modern boy band. Zayn was my sanity and he fucking left the group.

So I’m insane now…

But it’s not the same results over again. I’m driving recklessly in my own lane now.

I’m just trying to win…

Hoping you see I need these vices, so please don’t judge me for my sins

Tierra said use my own voice so I’m screaming to the crowd. I want them all to know that we living in the now.

It seems like it was months ago when said that you were proud.

But that was just the other day.

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