The Difference


It’s all true. ..

I wish it was a bit different

I don’t like the same

I lust after strange

 I got a wanderlust for things that might make me insane

Take me to all those places that only existed in childhood dreams

You my wild thing

All these fantasies are meant to be

You wish upon stars but skies have changed

Everything today was grey 

I’m just a silver lining type of guy

Different meaning it’s not the same

I’m a few shots in and the margaritas are telling me to ask you for honesty

Different meaning not the same

We not like them

Notice the difference

There’s a difference

Can we be different?

A little less fake. 

A little more us

A little less lies

A little more trust

Don’t want perfection

Seeking connection

Give me some thoughts that go with that touch.

The loving is easy the growing is tough.

Wars are fought and battles are won.

One came with heart the other with gun.

Who you love?

Tell me who do you love?

If the answers not me, learn to keep secrets.

But am I asking too much and not doing enough?

I’m over the flashbacks 

We just different, meaning not the same

I just want you to be a little more you.

Above all else this all is true

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