Little Victories

With over 800 raffles tickets handed out. We raised over 500 dollars for James “Kansas” Chapman. Which doubled my goal when I first thought of this idea. To all who participated thank you for supporting my dreams and helping out a truly great person in Kansas

Got some new statistics back and my blog has been viewed in 40 countries and I already have more views this year than I had all of 2015. It has not even been a full year since I launched it and it already exceeded my expectations. Mostly because I did not think I could be this consistent with it.

I just spent a week in California surrounded by good friends making memories under palm trees. Tonight I had dinner with one of my favorite people walking this planet. Food always taste better in good company. This month 6 amazing couples I know announced they are engaged which such a beautiful thing. Life is stressful but in such a trivial way sometimes. Take a step back and make sure your personal world is alright, because whats going on worldwide is scary.  Past year or so I decided to do my best to let people know they aren’t alone. It has meant making myself vulnerable in a way I’m not always comfortable with but the relationships with the ones I hold dear are drastically improving because of it. I’m not perfect,still fuck up, still think about my past life, still hold things in I should probably share, still overprotective, still make mistakes and have to swallow my pride and apologize, still doubt and worry until I remind myself I’m a lion and a king. You know honest human things
More than anything just want to say thank you to all who read and send me messages constantly about what my writing means to them. Long or short all of them are much appreciated. Saying reading something of mine is getting you through a dark spot or reading something of mine makes you smile. All of it is amazingly humbling to me(I save as many of them as I can). Strangers and friends alike it means a lot. My life just like everyone else’s is a whirlwind right now. So just remember to appreciate these small victories.


So often we try to conquer everything in one quick move. We try to climb mountains with that first step. We forget it took a lot of tough moments and happy memories combined for all of us to get this far. I mean it when I say you are all light in this world.

Appreciate these small victories hold on to them when life gives you more burdens.


Shelby Price raffle ticket #380 hope you are ready for Coachella. I’ll get in contact with you soon.


All of you I know personally we have come really far, I have witnessed it firsthand. To the amazing ones I don’t know but read this blog, always keep going. 

I’m in 17 credits, have 3 jobs and get to do fun things with my friends. I’m so genuinely blessed in that regard. Just striving to be light.

Now I have to get back to studying for this test and overthinking what I am going to do next with my life. Prospèr 

  (Thanks for sending me this pic from Texas Jamil)

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