The Come Up.

First things first congrats to Dylan, Brooke and Bennett for every and anything good that comes your way. If anyone else has good news to share please send it my way. Timmy (TJM) thank you for always reading.

I’m not sure what is coming my way but I see it in the sky that something is on the horizon. I just hope it is a new view and not a storm. I just hope to forever be surrounded by loved ones as I prosper, because life is too short to do any of this alone.

Last week I had a meeting in New York. I will tell you about the rest of that wild trip next post. I have been in contact with this wonderful lady named Abigail and last week at an old building in a city that made me feel alive the company she works for offered to buy my blog. Abigail reached out to me after one of her company’s employees in Spain found my blog (I know kinda cool the blog is international). So I flew to New York we had a meeting in the area of NYU and her company made me an offer. Essentially they offered to buy me.

I graciously declined.

I didn’t tell many people about it beforehand, because life doesn’t go as planned and I believe in jinxing things.The offer was for an amount of money I won’t disclose here and I would have to write for them for 2 years. As much as I appreciate being acknowledged or even the fact that I have created something worth obtaining a meeting and an offer is humbling to me. Still with all due respect I had to decline. I understand what I have here with YoungLionBlog is nothing major in the market, but obviously these people saw something in what is happening between me and my readers. I understand why the offer wasn’t not as substantial as I would want. To me 1000 unique readers is a huge accomplishment and Abigail was impressed I accumulated that all on my own. I have done nothing but wrote and put it in the world. That’s why I thank you all so much. It wasn’t my meeting in New York, it was our meeting. This little blog is so small and organic everyone who reads it only does so because they have my best interest at heart.

To decline anything of substance was hard but essentially they wanted to give me what I would consider six months’ pay for 2years of my life. For two years I wouldn’t be able to write for anyone else. For two years I don’t know if I would still be writing for myself. All I could think is I don’t know what will happen come May when I graduate, where I’ll go next, where I’ll be working or if this blog can be something sensational. Something more than a beautiful secret between me and my friends.

Think exactly a year from now. If everything goes as planned where realistically would you want to be? Now work backwards from that year and think of ways to make that happen. It’s like you know what you want the meal to be already and you have to work backwards to see what ingredients you have to put together to make it happen. And exactly one year from now, I didn’t want to regret taking a small amount of money and not being able to control the substance of my own existence. Don’t get me wrong if they had offered a ridiculous amount of money or perks I would have taken it. But with the circumstances they offered I had to continue to find my way. This is no disrespect. This is what got me noticed in the first place; this is honesty.

I need more readers; I need more eyes on what I am putting in the world. And I am going to focus on that. I’m going to attack that “year from now” vision. Still I am enjoying this feeling, this moment that one day soon I could possibly be on the shoulders of a giant. So no matter what happens to me, no matter what happens to you. Let’s please remember this moment, because life comes at all of us fast.

I don’t know what’s over the horizon. It could be a beautiful new view or a thunderstorm. All I know is I’ll have a few people smiling in the sunshine or singing in the rain with me. We are all going to be alright, just give me a little trust on that one. So before life gets too gigantic remember these smalls moments. Remember the happy hours. Remember who you share your time with. Remember who takes the time to listen (in my case read) your words. For any of us I can’t predict what’s next, I just know its greatness. I’m just a kid the universe tends to look out for

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