Did You Drank Water Today?: My Conversation With Travonne Edwards

Travonne Edwards is a boy from Compton

Travonne Edwards is an educator.

Travonne Edwards is a former college basketball player.

Travonne Edwards is an NBA analyst

Travonne Edwards is a talent at The Athletic.

Travonne Edwards is co-founder of Count The Dings a podcast company.

Travonne Edwards is one of the gatekeepers or godfathers to NBA Twitter (along with DragonFlyJonez)

He is a man of many talents whose voice is uniquely broadcasted on multiple platforms. The thing that transmits the most is how genuine he is as a human. As you interact with him in conversation you can tell he comes from an authentic cloth. He wears who he is with pride and is confident in how he moves through life. He cares about the right things, he speaks when he needs to and he is honest. Travonne Edwards is a plethora of other things that if you meet the man you should take the time to understand. I had the pleasure to have a dialogue with him and give you a glimpse of the man who constantly makes sure we are all properly hydrated.

YoungLionBlog presents to you Did You Drink Water Today?: My Conversation with Travonne Edwards.

Younglionblog: “What’s your first memory?

Travonne Edwards: In life?

YLB: Yep first memory in life.

TE: Man uhhh talkin to my dad, not being like an alcoholic or like crack head or something like that.

YLB: Like the ghettos birds and the bees. what do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

TE: man uh watching the kids work and the growth.

YLB: What grade do you teach?

TE: First, second and third grade.

YLB: Man, that’s real cool. So you probably… You’re probably gonna be a lot of kids first memory too if you think about it.

TE: Yeah it is likely. I try to put them on to culture, jazz and stuff like that.

YLB: How did count the dings first come to fruition. How did it first start?

TE: Um Well, we started off of under ESPN True Hoops with a group of guys, and then we branched off with four others. Tom Haberstroh, Amin Elhassan, Jade Hoye and Wosny Lambre. It started off with Jade. After his time at ESPN he wanted to go independent and then they started recruiting us. We had to work with them for about a year and a half where at the time and those guys had been working more than that compared to myself. I thought it would be a cool opportunity. So myself, Zach Harper, Amin, Wos and Tom Haberstroh decided to get together and launch a network doing it our way. Kinda bending the rules and taking chances on new things. Most of the things that are seen now are because of Jade.

YLB: What unique quality do you bring in your sports analysis? What do you feel you bring that is unique?

TE: A cross over between humor and high IQ

YLB: You’re a co-founder of the count the dings a podcast company. Which come March went under the Umbrella of The Athletic. Besides the bigger platform, what has a change meant for you, and what made the move worthwhile for you and your team?

TE: It has allowed us to bring a broader audience and then we kinda knew what we have. As far as doing something big and everyone didn’t know about. The acquisition definitely brought it to us being taken more serious as a major player in the game.

YLB: Did it provide more freedom for you?

TE: Absolutely providing our producer with the backing that it needed to create and create the wizardry of podcasting.

YLB: What was your best human story in the NBA? Not basketball story, but just best human story of the NBA season?

TE: Human story hmm. Can elaborate a little bit more on that?

YLB: Like, not something like… Something that it could deal with being on the court, but something a player overcame or accomplish that you’re just like, Man, that’s a great story period.

TE: I would have to say, I probably… That’s deep maybe a Demarre Carroll situation when he was shot. You know, pushing through that way or Giannis taking care of his family. And where he is now. You know selling whatever he was selling, plates on the side of the street.

YLB: Like trinkets and turquoise or something like that.

TE: Yeah I couldn’t imagine. Basketball thats the last thing on his mind, in order to get to where he is now and still be very pure and not forget family is first.

YLB: Yeah its like he didn’t know so much. I remember hearing the story when he had a smoothie for the first time.

TE: Yeah its still so raw and you still haven’t been exposed to a lot of things and thats the cool thing about it. His innocence in certain aspects. Not be dependent and him continuing to grow as an individual. Still young.

YLB: What’s five attributes you would take from current NBA players? So like this person jump shot, this person handle anything like this persons IQ something like that five attributes you would take from current NBA players.

TE: I would take Steph’s shooting, John Wall’s speed pre-injury. Which I would probably switch for De’Aaron Fox.

YLB: Oh sure, yeah, good call.

TE: Maybe Jokic or Lebron’s passing ability.

YLB: Okay I like that. Both of their passing and vision is underrated for how big they are.

TE: between Zach Levine and Derrick Jones Jr. athleticism and possibly Draymond Greens IQ.

YLB: You’re making an all time six-man starting five who’s on your team all time? Six man staring five.

TE: Lou Will, Jamal Crawford. Who else? Damn this is rough. I mean that shit can go either way. Andre Igoudala maybe?

YLB: Thats a good one.

TE: Manu Ginobili

YLB: Yeah I was gonna give you that one if you didn’t say it

TE: Early James Harden. OKC James Harden

YLB: Thats a cold starting five. Imagine what he would have turned into if he wouldn’t have been traded? Good or bad

TE: He was a 3 and D guy in OKC and gets a lot of crap for not playing defense now. I think the challenge was there, needed a little motivation.

YLB: How did you end up on James Corden tinder Late Show segment?

TE: I still don’t know which friend signed me up for it. And yeah, they reached out. It was actually on my birthday, so um I was in Portland, and I got a email and they were like “Yo do you wanna go on the James Corden Show?” I’m like I’m supposed to have this party in Portland with a couple of friends, and my friends like forget the party, GO! I came home to LA and I did the show.

YLB: Thats like the ultimate blind date that you still don’t know which one of your friends hooked you up with.

TE: Yeah yeah yeah that was interesting cause I looked at it as free promo for what we were doing and a lot of people didn’t know what I looked like so that was also kinda strange but also kinda cool I guess to expose myself like that. I think the worst part was more so not knowing if I had something in my nose or something in my teeth and not being able to speak. You know you had the advance person speak.

YLB: Oh yeah you had to sit there while they were talking about you.

TE: Yeah

YLB: What’s your go to Karaoke song?

TE: Usher “U Remind Me”

YLB(surprised) : U Remind Me really?

TE: Yeah I don’t know why I just know all the lyrics to it.

YLB(laughing while asking) : Do you start dancing like you’re dancing in the rain?

TE: I definitely do not dance. Ummm yeah I don’t know. It’s something I use to sing to girls in high school.

YLB: (laughing at the thought of this happening)

TE: Like over the phone that’s how I got good at those lyrics. I think I could sing Ginuwine entire discography as well.

YLB: You are an R&B guy?

TE: I listen to mostly all R&B well not all but a lot. I was never a tough guy.

YLB: you a crooner?

TE: I am definitely not a crooner. Just what I listened to at the time.

YLB: You was a lover and a baller. Not a lover and a fighter.

TE: lover and a baller. I like that!

YLB: You can have it as your next twitter bio.

TE: Appreciate it.

YLB? What do you admire most about your mother? Did she teach you a lot as a kid?

TE: We actually didn’t have the best relationship growing up it was patchy. We just recently patched up our relationship. But I’d say her humor and popularity. Everyone knew her

YLB: Growing up what was a time when you realized you wanted more out of life?

TE: Being poor. I didn’t know I was poor. I had everything I needed. Wasn’t until college when I realized there was like a middle class and a poor social class. Or like going to other people’s houses and seeing full pantries.

YLB: Pantries is a good one. Mine was when I went to friends house that had the crushed or regular ice makers on the front of the fridge. I was always jealous of those.

YLB: What was or is your favorite struggle meal?

TE: Probably syrup sandwiches. You know Now and Laters.

YLB: I always went with qaurter water juices.

Travonne: Yea that. Things you get at the store. Chili cheese any kind of chip. Flaming hot.

YLB: When you played at your peak or in college what was you best attribute on the court? The thing you knew you did better than anyone in the gym.

Te: My passing for sure. First day my coach was like don’t shoot you are going to be our point guard. My turnover ratio became one of the best in the nation 9-1. I didn’t have too many turnovers. I didn’t have great shooters at the time that was something I struggled with.

YLB: What do you love most about the Podcasting?

TE: So my thing is podcasting with friends and people of good character. Good characteristics. I like to talk about different topics, and be able to shoot shit with the guys. That’s more so the podcast atmosphere. Obviously the live shows are always fun meeting with the community that we built up.

YLB: Alright last question — Did you drink water today yet?

TE: I did, but I should drink more. I threw a party for my 3rd graders today and we had a bunch of popsicles and that took over some of my intake but I got a lot of water today

Travonne Edwards is dynamic in the way he fills the lane on multiple endeavors. He’s not done yet. When it comes to his future business ventures and creative pursuits you can tell the man will be a walking bucket. He is a team player in a way you don’t find as much anymore. He is the point guard. He has a great assist to turnover ratio. He wants you to shine. He knows it doesn’t take away from him to see others win. We went over his schedule and the man doesn’t have much free time. Travonne is either educating, producing content or finishing up a call about the next pursuit. He has good people around him because he is a good person. I love these conversations because these are stories I want told. Voices that should be amplified because they bring a light to those around them. Thank you Travonne Edwards for the assist.

You can reach Travonne Edwards via Twitter @Travonne

This conversation was transcribed by @KatieAshworthPR

Written, directed and conducted by YoungLionBlog. Feel free to follow me on twitter or any social media platform @YoungLionBlog

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