Percocet’s before the serving shift. Welcome to YoungLionBlog I hope you’ve heard of us. Urban legend this is all word of mouth. They just took my wisdom teeth out, I hope I think the same. I hope to all you normal folks I still sound insane. I’ve seen druggies overdose and yet they still pray. Can’t afford the colors for the clothes and yet they still bang. Seen my mom cry tears and I didn’t know what to say. Got fire in my pocket I’m trying to kick it like the birth name is Liu kang. Going outside is Mortal Kombat seeing death is mundane. Wrestling with my demons gets RAW especially on Mondays. So I’m never stunned by Mankind. Trust me I know it’s Stonecold when you hit Rockbottom. It’s A Big Fucking Deal that now I glow. This is the memoirs of the People’s Champ I like to welcome you to the show. If it was the 90’s and I talked like this they probably sign me to Death Row. 

I’m down to walk that Green Mile. I know everyone dies, trust me I’m not in denial. 

If I make it to Hell there’s a few people I want to meet. Some of my old father figures I would like to greet. If I end up in Heaven I know it’s because every good person I ever met must have prayed for me. If this was Game of Thrones tell Lucifer that Lucius is coming for his seat. See these angels do fly like me. Others can touch words but they don’t scribe like me. As if these words belong in temples like an ancient script. Viewing pyramids from the aliens ship.

City Wide till it’s… me against the world. Look in my eyes the universe is my tour guide. I’m a moving gear in a system that wants me last on the totem pole. So I take shots of tequila like they wine from communion and let all in my inner demons catch the Holy Ghost. Never learned to drive slow everyday I wake up to a fork in the road. Using the North Star like compass so I know where to go. Rolling through the town with only a tightly rolled up bill in my pocket. Probably got it from D… Nevermind I’ll leave the names out because seeking recognition always bring the lames out.

I ain’t ask for this life. I ain’t request this skin. They told me I was gone lose. So I learned how to win. Had to survive. So I learned how to sin. You can judge me now but I’d do it again. 

All Ships must sink. 

Every King must die. 

All I ask is please remember I was alive.

I was alive.

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