Vintage Kanye

I miss the vintage Kanye…

The I really know the struggle Kanye

The mix up the soul sample Kanye

The Takeover Kanye

The make 5 beats a day for three summers that’s a different world like three summers Kanye.

When it seemed you wanted to be appreciated and not famous Kanye

The we don’t care what people say Kanye

The “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” would never meet with Trump Kanye

The when it comes to being true one thing I found, you never let me down Kanye 

The Chicago Kanye not the LA Kanye

You even remember where Sierra Leone is at Kanye?

Where is THAT Kanye?

The My dream was to make something in reality as Beautiful as your Twisted Dark Fantasy Kanye

The Def Jam poetry Kanye

When you did it for the art not just to ride the wave Kanye

Wake up Mr. West because we need a Kanye.

But I know we don’t work that hard just to stay the same Kanye.

So I’ll just go listen to that vintage Kanye.

I wonder if someone will ever say they miss the old me?

I say that to say we don’t appreciate Pharrell and Just Blaze enough.

But what the fuck do I know.

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