Once Happy

When’s the last time you read a poem?

Do you think you could write a love story? 

You only loved me for a moment but it felt as if it was till death do us part. You never got to my better because you felt like you could never handle my worst. It was spontaneous this feeling. Late nights unscripted but when I looked in your eyes that passion felt rehearsed. 

It just felt oh so different…

When I held you I learned the meaning of eternity. Not the definition in dictionaries, but more so how gods on Olympus must feel knowing they’ll always breath. And when you leave I turn back to Hercules. I’m just a man that sometimes does great things. 

But I want forever… 

You be you and I’ll be me. Somewhere in the middle is where we should meet but I gave you a piece of me so if you leave I’ll feel incomplete. 

Communication, honesty. 

I like how we lay, it brings me peace. 

Life is art I put your mind at ease. You practice no instruments but pull on heart strings. Love is not a game but I play on words. 

I need us together

Break   It  Down   To   Its   Core

I need to-get-her.

Don’t move too fast. I don’t want this fairy tale to be a blur. When our parents laid us down to sleep they never started with how this will end. See everyone is so quick to rush to “Happily Ever After” not realizing you can’t get there without the “Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time we met it almost felt as if by chance.

Once Upon A Time all I wanted to do was get to know more about you

Once Upon A Time I saw your flaws I saw you at your weakest and I thought you were perfection.

Someone as pure as you doesn’t need correction. If I’m ever lost I hope life always leads me in your direction.

Once Upon A Time we argued, we fought.

Once Upon A Time we realized maybe we are too different…

Once Upon A Time you needed your space so I put galaxies between us.

Once Upon A Time I missed you the same way you missed me.

Once Upon A Time we stayed up all night drinking tequila until the sunrise.

Once Upon A Time we decided to figure all this out together.

Once Upon A Time as the sun hit your naked face in the morning I realized I loved you.

Once Upon A Time I know I couldn’t read your mind but I hope if I ever said that out loud you would say it back and it wouldn’t be a day dream I used in order to escape reality.

Once Upon A Time we started a show and it was betrayal if I watched it without you. Those Once Upon A Time moments turned into Once A Upon Time days, weeks, months, anniversaries, adventures. Then Once A Upon Time turned into years and you being my everything. That turned into more beautiful arguments. That turned into compromise. That turned into each one of us knowing the other would be there when the moon set and the sun would rise. You transformed into my day and nite. That turned into family. That turned into us against the kids. That turned every thing I once viewed as a metaphorical house into a proper home. That turned into me not being able to think of a life without you. Once Upon A Time transforms into Happily Ever After. But it takes that exactly; Time. It takes “I choose us” in moments where it is easiest to be selfish. 

I have hope in my romance. I have faith in things that I can’t control. Believing in love either makes us a prophet or it makes us a fool. See she believed in god but wasn’t sure about soulmates. She wished on stars knowing they were already dead. She just liked to see the light.

Once Upon A Time is the journey. Happily Ever After is the destination. But I completely understand if you don’t want to author a love story with me. 

You see your mind is that of skyscrapers and my heart is one of the ocean. Silly me thinking we could build a city by sea. Build sand castles out of hope and use waves to carry our dreams. I know with me it just feels different. So badly you wanted to be like everybody else and I was just hoping you were different…

I wanted to share Once Upon A Time, I wanted to create Happily Ever After. Journeys are needed in order to reach destinations. 

Remember that. 

Because they never taught us to read poems. We never learned how to write love stories.

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