Can’t Miss: The Top Acts to see at Coachella 2016 (featuring Bryan Becker)

We live in a world that is usually divided. Seperated by issues and borders that have been around for generations. Music is a unifier like no other. It knows no boundaries. It takes no sides in international policy. Peace is a melody and music is the gatekeeper. It is universal in the way it makes us be able to feel something greater. Music allows us to envision our future and remind us of our past. We feel beats, we hear lyrics. Music speaks to us when we are at a lost for words and listens when we have a million thoughts. It attacks us and it heals us. It is a connection to the love we felt and heartbreak we endured. It themes are victories and outlines our defeats. The nights you lay awake in the dark because you can’t sleep. The showers you take where you sing at the top of your lungs. Those Summer car rides with your friends, windows rolled down and volume up loud. What’s life without a soundtrack?

 The beautiful experience of Coachella is fast approaching and Bryan Becker was gracious enough to give us his top 25 list of artist you need to see hit these stages. The 25 acts you don’t want to miss as you and your posse roam the Polo Fields of Indio. 

Passion is when a lot of hard work comes together with the thoughts constantly on your mind. Edited by me, here is Bryan writing about his passion. 


For those who do not know me my name is bryan, but on social media I go by the name of grandaddybry. My nickname came from being the grandad of Coachella.  

 This is going to be my 5th coachella and certainly not my last. You can say I know my way around the polo field. It is my home away from home. It is where I gained my love for music and excitement for concerts on those fields. Walking on that field you hear so many genres and so many artist. 

It is a place where you can learn about music and most importantly yourself. 

So the following list is a list of acts I know will be a knock out and you will want to atleast make your way over for a listen or two. 

Lets VIBE!

25. AlunaGeorge, Saturday April 16 & April 23


An English electronic duo from London. You have probably heard the front vocalist Aluna Francis on many edm hits like Dj Snakes “I know you Like it” and Baauers “One Touch” with Rae Sremmurd, who will also be at the fest. AlunaGeorge latest track in control is a banger nonetheless. There is no doubt that this duo will make you dance and sing along with Ms. Francis with songs we all know we love. It’s about time they are getting their own recognition.

24. Lapsley, Friday April 15 & April 22


She is another British singer and songwriter. I found Lapsley making a Coachella playlist with a song from every artist. I clicked on the song “Hurt Me” and instantly had chills when hearing the heart breaking song about a place where we have all been.

 Having the person you love hurt you to the deepest part of our soul. 

She has a raspy voice and just hits you right in the feels. Her latest CD “Long Way Home” is an emotional ride and without a doubt will be a chilling performance. I cannot wait, main reason is because I had no idea who she was until I just pressed play on a random song of hers. 

That is what Coachella is all about going to a random act and finding new music.

23. Snakehips, Friday April 15 & April 22


Snakehips is a British electronic/R&B music duo. They have recently gained their fame from their hit “All my Friends” with Tinashe and Chance the Rapper. It is a song talking about what we have all thought, wasting another night drunk in a bar instead of giving a shit about something more important. It became an anthem of mine especially in my early 20’s. Their other music is heavy hip hop beats with electric vibes. They have a heavy tempo remix of Banks “Warm Water”. You will not want to miss this duo making the polo field dance and vibe out.

22. Matt & Kim. Sunday April 17 & April 24.

  Matt & Kim are no strangers to Coachella. The American Indie duo have hits like “Daylight” and Let’s Go”. I have recently grown to love Matt & Kim and cannot wait to see them kill it on the field. You will be dancing to their Indie sounds and poppy lyrics.

21. Halsey. Saturday April 16 & 23


Halsey has been growing in popularity since dropping her “Badlands” album. 

It is an indie emotionally destroyed girl anthem CD, but in the best way ever. 

With songs like “Colors” and “Hurricane” it is literally an anthem of heartbreak and emotions. Halsey has gotten what basically seems like a cult following so as long as you can get through her hardcore fans we will get a true indie girl experience at her set.

20. CHVRCHES. Saturday April 16 & April 23


A scottish electronic band. They are known for their songs “The Mother We Share” and their latest hit “Leave a Trace”. Their electric sound is going to fill the polo field with great vibes and without a doubt make you dance.

19. ZHU. Saturday April 16 & April 23


The electronic music producer known for his song “Faded” is going to throw down some mega beats at the fest. Grab your squad go dance and vibe out to some hard slapping and memorizing beats.

18. Cold War Kids. Sunday April 17 & April 24


The Indie rock band that came into popularity with their single “First” will be a for sure to see on the polo field. Most likely on the outdoor stage around sunset it will be a memorizing set that you will not want to miss.

17. Grimes. Saturday April 16 & April 23.


The Canadian singer and songwriter known for her underground experimental sound is going to give a knockout performance that is going to be so weirdly aesthetically pleasing. If her live shows are anything like her crazy music videos that accompany her crazy good beats and lyrics, we are in for a treat. 

RUSH to her stage the hipsters love her, but for all the right reasons.

16. Purity Ring. Friday April 15 & April 22.


A canadian electronic music duo that has experimental dubstep/electronica beats on top of memorizing lyrics. With songs like “Bodyache” and “Fireshine” you will be dancing away and be hit right in the feels. I cannot wait to see what this group does on the Polo Fields.

15. M83. Friday April 15 & April 22.


M83 was at my first Coachella and I went and heard their last song and fell in love.
Since then I heard their music and always get hit right in the feels, imagine what happens live. They are known for their songs “Midnight City” and “Wait”. Type of songs that just make us feel things and dance. 

They are going to be on those articles of the artist you probably missed but shouldn’t have we all read after the festival, so when you read it say “hell yeah I was there!” Instead of “Oh well fuck”

14. Major Lazer. Sunday April 17 & April 24


Diplo’s first claim to fame was from being apart of this electronic group. From making hard core african beats and producing last years anthem “Lean On.” The duo is going to make us dance until our feet hurt. Only downside they may have a crowd hyper that DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP! 

But still go and have a good time…

13.Jack U. Friday April 15 & April 22.


Skrillex and Diplo’s electronic duo that blew up to fame last year with their mega hit “Where are U now” with Justin Bieber, and somewhat helped put Justin back into being relevant. After seeing them at Hard Summer this past August I was blown away. It was hard beats with songs to sing along with and nonstop amazing beat drops.

 I promise you will dance away all your worries and them being the first night they will be closing out a stage (probably Sahara) and will kill it and set a tone for the weekend.

12. Flume. Sunday April 17 & April 24.


The australian Music producer known for his self titled album last year and the killer Lorde “Tennis Court” remix without a doubt is going to shut down the festival. We will be lost in the music and from the snippets we keep getting from his forthcoming album Skin, we will not be disappointed.

11. Zedd. Saturday April 16 & April 23.


Zedd just kills it always.

 His True Colors tour was one of the best shows I have seen in my life and he will not disappoint. His visuals are killer and his beats are even more numbingly good you will cry and dance.

Just. Go.

10. Calvin Harris. Sunday 17 & April 24.


Calvin always kills it. He knows how to mix and makes fucking hits. He is also Taylor Swift’s beau, so maybe a special appearance. But…

in all seriousness you will not be disappointed with his show

You will dance so bring the squad and peak on his amazing lyrics and killer beats.

9. Gun’s N Roses. Saturday April 16 & April 23.


The legendary act of the weekend. Go and be able to brag to your parents you saw a rock band they grew up listening to. 

The legend acts are always worth going to go see because it is a once in a lifetime experience you can say you saw history.

8. Borns. Friday April 15 & April 22


With gaining popularity from his first studio album Dopamine and his single Electric Love the indie pop artist is going to throw a killer set that the attendees are just going to go crazy at. I absolutely love Borns and will not be missing him. 

It is going to be a set to remember.

7. A$AP Rocky. Friday April 15 & April 22



I saw A$AP at my first Coachella in 2012.

 I have never seen a tent go as crazy as I did at A$AP

From growing his fame with Long. Live. A$AP. And his latest album At. Long. Last. A$AP. with killer hits on it like L$D he is going to give us a set to remember. Also A$AP is one of the few rap artist of the weekend so def going to be worth it.

6. Ellie Goulding. Friday April 15 & April 22.


Ellie Goulding knows how to throw a show. She was on the main stage 2 years ago at the 2014 coachella and was a knockout show. She has amazing lyrics to accompany her raspy voice. She is going to throw an amazing set this year especially with her growing popularity from her hits like “Love me like you Do” and “ On my Mind” her crowd is going to be huge and be vibing so hard.

5. Alessia Cara. Sunday April 17 & April 24.


Known for her breakout hit “Here” she is an act to watch. She has a killer voice with lyrics we can all relate to in our young lives. She is probably going to be earlier in the day so that means a small crowd but an amazing show.

4. Ice Cube. Saturday April 16 & April 23



With an awesome year last year with his success of Straight Outta Compton a legendary act no doubt. And rumor has it that he is trying to bring out all of NWA and it will not be just an Ice Cube show. 

This is going to be another one of those sets that goes down in Coachella history.

3. The 1975. Sunday April 17 & April 24.


The 1975 has rhythmic beats and amazing lyrics and right off the release from their sophomore album I like it when you sleep, for you are so Beautiful and so unaware of it. It has amazing songs like “Ugh”, “The Sound”, and my personal favorite that hits it right in the heart “Somebody Else”. 

  The feels and vibes are going to be high at this set without a doubt. 

And they also had a killer set at the 2014 Chella.

2. Disclosure. Saturday April 16 & April 23


Disclosure closed out my Coachella two years in a row, 2013 and 2014. The first year they were in a small tent with a small crowd but they played their hearts out for their fans. They have blown up with popularity with hits this last year from their sophomore album Caracal like “Magnets” with Lorde and “Omen” with Sam Smith, and let’s not forget their original hit with Sam “Latch”. They make you vibe and make you dance the whole time with their funky beats. They are worth a checkout.  

1.SIA. Sunday April 17 & April 24.


SIA is probably responsible for every hit you love.

 As a songwriter she writes for big artist like Rihanna and Beyonce and makes them hits. She is responsible for Rhi Rhi’s “Diamonds” and many others. She has had many of her own hits like “Chandelier” and “Alive”. Her latest album This is Acting is a full album of songs that artist rejected and it’s an album with banger after banger. The bigger picture and main influence of her being number 1 is she does not perform much. She is going to give a killer set that if it is anything like her music videos it’s going to be pure art with her raspy voice booming across the polo field.


The Grandad of Coachella Bryan curated a playlist that features every artist on the line up. Take it all in and feel the music:


Thank  you for your eyes and ears.

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