My A Christmas Story.

I love my family. I love my family. I love my family. I often repeat this to myself after two days with my family and I am annoyed and over the situation. I do love my family dearly. We only get together once every year or two and usually around the holidays. The vast majority of my immediate family is women. Strong, independent women who all like to be in charge. They all yell at each other about every little thing, repeat themselves and I don’t know if they’ve ever admitted they were wrong in thier life.   

I am the laid back dark male in the corner just observing. Waiting for the next board game, coming in with the joke about them, or ready when they need someone to taste test the food. 

Them I wouldn’t trade for anyone in the world. They are my world in a way that even when I’m thinking “I can’t wait to get back home” I quickly realize they are my home. These are people I wished on stars for. This dysfunction keeps me safe from the chaos. 

This merry band of misfits. 

I don’t have to wait for things to come down the chimney. I woke up to gifts that touch my spirit. 

I enjoy living life. They let me know there is light at the end of every tunnel. There is more to these times beyond the materialistic. The joy of Christmas through the eyes of a child. The warmth of a mother who hasn’t seen her son in 2 years that only wants to hug him, but also really enjoys her new purse and jewelry box

 I’m excited to start my own family someday in the near future. So I can look at my future wife and kids as my own miracles. So I can add to my already blended family. So my wife can learn these recipes that I look forward to at this time of year. We can play board games and start traditions of our own. So I can still try to surprise my future wife every year even though she’ll already know what’s coming. So my future in-laws know how grateful I am for them raising their daughter and her becoming my wife. So my kids can know family starts and ends with love, loyalty and appreciation. 

If you are with family I hope you can relate immensely to what I’m feeling. If you are alone or not able to spend this day with loved ones. Just know I’ve been there too. If life is dark, think of it “T’was the night before Christmas”. 

This life is all energy and these days are very rare. I’m well aware, these days are very rare. So from me and mine to you and yours. Merry Christmas to all and to all Prospèr.

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  1. s says:

    It’s great now that I have met some of these, to put names to the faces.

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