Questions 11.10.15

Are we talking teams?

Who is the best basketball player in the world?

Was that a UFO in California?

If you had $50,000 you had to spend on others what would you do?

Is it too late to say sorry?

How many people have you loved not family?

You believe in love at first sight?

Last time you treated yourself?

One show from the 90’s you want them to bring back?

In your dream house what would be the most important room?

One thing you purchased in the past year that you regret?

Why hasn’t time travel been invented yet?

Name one person besides yourself that you believe in?

What is your definition of art?

If you could solve one issue in the world what would it be?

Who are the five people you would want to meet in Heaven?

Whats your New Years Resolution?

Will your New Years kiss this year be the same as last year?

Questions 8.17.15

Why is college so expensive?

You think Siri would be attractive if she was a real person?

One thing that’s changed about you this Summer?

Last time you went camping?

If you had to give up driving or flying forever which would it be?

What is the most important thing you would want to know about your soulmate?

How far would you go for the real thing?

When i just said the real thing who or what did you think of?

Are you happy or sad right now?

What do you do when there is awkward silence?

One person you know for sure is off limits to you?

Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

Is god an alien by definition?

Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Last person to see you naked?

Last time you had a slurpee?

Would you say you are easy to get along with?

What is the thing you think people say behind your back most?

Do you think it is true?

Bagel or toast?

The most struggle meal you’ve ever eaten because you were that broke?

Last time you couldn’t help but smile?

Last really nice thing someone did for you, but your pride wouldn’t let you show proper gratitude?

Questions 7.15.15

Whens the last time you went on a real date?

If you were on an resort island for a year everything taken care of and could take 3 guys and 3 girls who would they be?

Last time you “Netflixed and Chilled”?

If you could go to one music festival which one would it be?

Your favorite animal?

If you had to give up either tacos, cheeseburgers, wings,or pizza forever which one would it be?

Last time you did something selfish?

Last time you did something truly genuine?

Questions 5.31.15

If you had to spend the rest of your life with the last person you had sex with would you be happy?

Why make people take history or CH class if you are not going to tell the truth?

Who do you want in your life a year from now?

If they died today would you be satisfied with the last thing you said to them?

Whens the last time you danced?

Whens the last time you looked someone in the eyes and said I love you?

Would you rather have to stay up till 4 am for a month straight or have to get up at 6 am for a month straight?

The last thing it was truly hard but you had to say no to?

The last thing you wish you had said yes to?

How have you changed for the better in 2015?

How have you changed for the worse?

Last concert you went to?

What do you wish you had said?

Whats your goal for June?

What are you doing for the fourth of July?

If they asked you to stay would you leave?

How do you get over things?

Whens the last time you ate a piece of fruit?

Questions 5.6.15

Why do rich ppl always dress like they are headed to the Capital in the Hunger Games?

You think Adele is somewhere being sad making beautiful music right now?

What’s your comfort food?

Why these R&B singers throwing up Gang signs?

Why do we get mad at ppl when their heart isn’t the same or want the same as ours?

When’s the last time you’ve felt uncomfortable?

Who are you waiting for?

Best cartoons of the 90’s?

Biggest secret you have?

Last scumbag thing you did?

Hardest choice you made this week?

How many ppl do you truly love?

When’s the last time you touched a butt?

Is there a such thing as bad freedom of speech and expression?

What’s it going to take?

Questions 5.1.15

In modern-day America what does the word “Thug” really mean?

Did those who established America do it peacefully?

Why don’t all super rich or wealthy people have drivers?

How can we all admit racism exist, but no one will admit they are racist?

How come we don’t have anything all those movies in the 80’s and 90’s said we have by the year 2000?

How come Akon, Nelly and Ja Rule do not get more respect for what they did for the culture?

Why is Ray Lewis always lecturing and yelling like my uncle no one invited over but eats all the food?

Who raised these people who go to the gym then smoke a cigarette right outside of it?

When is the last time you read a book?

Why is my generation so obsessed with timing?

Hmm-Might do a “Just My Thoughts” on that (timing)

Do you have a five-year plan?

Why do we take so much advice from memes on the internet?

When is the last time you said I love you to somebody?

Did you mean it?

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