Your thoughts are beautiful. It’s expressing them to the world that makes you sound crazy.

Thank you for your time and your eyes I appreciate it. I’m just another imperfect person trying to figure it all out. I need to write more, so this is my outlet for it. I hope you enjoy.

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Here is what the blog will consist of:

About– I have written an open-letter of sorts, just an expression of what is going on with me currently

Just My Thoughts. Rights Or Wrong Just My Thoughts At The Time– This will be the forum for extended  post on the blog. Just things that are currently on my mind. Funny, serious, weird, creative, etc.

Poems– I need to practice this craft so if the inspiration hits me I will post them here

Questions– Just a list of questions I will have ranging from any and everything. You can leave answers and your thoughts in the comment section if you want to. Mostly just questions I am throwing into the universe provoking some thought.

Songs To Play At My Wedding Or Funeral. You Decide.– Songs I want played at my wedding or funeral you decide which one is more appropriate. I love music. These will be songs I am currently playing on repeat, old songs I happen to hear, songs that someone suggested that are amazing

Triple Flame Emoji – Here I am just going to shout out dope things I have encountered recently or someone hipped me to. This is going to be an entirely positive outlet.

I think weird and I write weird. Thank you all for your time. I appreciate you greatly. Hopefully I can express that. If not, be patient, work with the kid. I told you I’m not perfect.

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