Be Careful With This Message…

My mother named me after my father she was optimistic

I wish she would’ve named me Lil trauma give me a rap name I could have next to me on my wedding days like a bridesmaid.

I’m trying to be the best man I can

Most days I vow it through thick and thin

The Devil gotta be non binary gender neutral and when I make it to Heaven I’m making fun of Jesus while doing stand up comedy

You can have it all. In return when it comes to peace please don’t rob me

I almost died a few times-look at me now

I’m just great at falling apart that’s how I keep it together

I’ll never tell you where the bodies are at just know I was never afraid to drown

Everyone wants to walk on water, I just prefer to swim

I just prefer to win

It’s times like these when I feel the most alive; all my vices are sins

I think I’m going crazy baby, tell me how sexy that is

I said I’m losing every part of my mind, tell me how sexy that is

We past lust, running with love, no more infant stage

She said you so beautiful; she insane for the kid

Raised off of Winters that were traumatic events

Wind chill feel like white supremacy on your bones

You’re a combination of all your memories

What the fuck do you remember most?

Life is just current events

I sweat her like her name is summer, this is teenage fever

When I die you can tell them how lived, but most importantly tell them mind their business

I want to make an empire with the breathes I take. I want to talk to those around me as if they are royalty. They take all the shiny things then treat you like peasants. Not realizing you have the blood of kings and queens

We’re all UFOs to somebody

I got sinful tendencies with universal energy. I believe in myself in my head like the curse of a Kennedy

My step pop tried to burn down the house with me in it, of course I felt like the Devil once I touched the street

My neighborhood had a murder theme. Wearing black and grey pushin powDer forward call me Tim Duncan

It wasn’t just luck that braces were put on those tried to take teeth out of the dentist house. My kitchen was a tad bit different all the recipes on the menu came from word of mouth

Mom beat the charge. Don’t ask how we got the lawyer fees…hand of an unrighteous man we call that battery. Son had the eyes like no one else on the team, was a look out for armed robbery. Fugitive at large; where I’m from they call that hide n seek

When I was teen years old but I had an old soul in the middle of that winter cold they tried to take what I owed. The way I was living life you reaped what you sowed so my shirt had blood stains. Got stabbed in the back, had to play it cool went to school the very next day. Teacher trying to ask me what came first the chicken or the egg. I should be at Mount Carmel getting stitched up and first aid. Call me Daywalker cause til this day you can see where I took on the Blade





They put faith in universities; I tend to believe in universes

I tend to believe we have galaxies inside of us and around us

We’re all UFOs to somebody

They say in space no one can hear you scream

I type out to the voice that are like unread text in my head “I don’t think you can be what I need right now…”

Instead it’s just a voice message to myself saying “Don’t worry bout it”

Your brain will betray you if you do not train it

Everything is not for everyone but if it’s for you that’s enough. You were meant to be soft and loved but I know how it is when to survive you must be tough

You were born in chaos but thrive in love

See this is culture right here

This is the finer things in life

This is where the drugs wear off and all that’s left is naked sleepless nights

I said this is where the drugs wear off and matter fact never mind. Because everyone has an opinion like the facts ever lied

Everyone judges you as if you’ve already died

If every lie came with dirt on your name they would have to bury you alive

That’s why I keep my vices pure; sushi all white

I can’t have everyone stand in line for my charcuterie board

The girls who really held it down during the fish scale years are pure mermaid with the alphabet letters. Filled in all blanks; Vanna White

Black as Virgil but my work spoke for itself. I need more figures and zeros. I try to be real because I can’t be a hero

I can tell you a hundred ways I had friends die. Red Bull and story time in the late night. I’m still figuring out how to live.

Sometimes I forget to breathe…

I can’t believe I met you this early in my life like morning sunshine. Still I’ve got some more mistakes to make with you by my side. I promise to never forget your face as we melt into night. If I forget your nickname please remind me on the other side

I’m well aware what happens when people pick sides. When friends who could’ve been brothers start to believe lies. Words sit upon high like apples in Eves eyes

My mother named me after my father she was optimistic

We’re all UFOs to somebody

Write to you in a old diary- I don’t care what you think of me

I hope the City sings your praise forever, even if it’s Off Key

Just another lost soul in the sky. We all UFOs to somebody

Please don’t go out sad,

but now I must ask

Who the fuck is dying with a smile on their face?

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