Coachella Poem 2019

PSA: no matter what I am about to say don’t come to Weekend 2 of Coachella. I would never lie to you. So whatever truths I put into words below, don’t mind them at all. This is an absolutely dreadful place. Never come here. I promise you the grass is literally not greener on the other side. This is not where you want to be.

It’s Sunday, I’m at Coachella and I wish you were here. I might bring back the trend of sending post cards again just so people who touch my heart know how I feel. Life is all about the view. How do you see me? Everybody on the outside looking in just thinks that I’m eccentric. All my real friends know that I’m crazy. I still hold some things back from them because in my own thoughts I’m a lunatic.

Any beautiful woman that has ever laid with me knows I’m trying to change lives for the better. Our bodies make war and then I call you my baby. Any man who ever loved me was not my father. A few was granddads the rest I met along the way and I treat them like brothers. We share this car ride like the closest of kin. As we head to green grass with brown spots to commit our favorite sins.

These memories like words on a blog live forever. So even though I said it out loud I’ll write it here again. I love you Cruz, Ooliver and Yacub. I know I’ll look back at this moment with nostalgia but not right now, right now I’m simply living in it.

I almost cancelled because I don’t do things that mess with my mental if I’m not happy.

Please don’t call me with no bullshit. Letting you control me just isn’t who I am this week.

The universe is in my system. I’ll sit here all day and think about the simplicity of big things and the complexity of the little things.

If I do the little things better. I’ll conquer all the big things.

Sometimes we need days like this as we try and figure out the matrix.

Adopted the system so much you got to sit back and think if your own mother is real.

Young King please don’t lose your mind today in these fields. I’ll be waiting for you by the lemonade stand when you come back to reality.

These are experiences I truly never thought I’d have with people I probably should have never met.

Yet I somehow think all of this was destiny. Imagine where I would be if I wasn’t sitting in a minivan with some of my best friends making people question how we feel. Making inside jokes you’d have to be there to understand. Making playlist of pride like this festival was created for us. Sound check, soundcheck. Are our laughs loud enough? Yelling Vanchella as if this is all we came here for.

There’s really something more than this?

Is it possible to have a feeling better than this?

What means the world to you?

I’m overly protective over what I love. You got to be a different breed and prove you play for the right team before you hang with us.

What you do in secrecy might kill you in the Sun. Feel your pulse so I can know your vibe. You’re not going to the light today we’ll make up for the lost time in the night. I’ll tell you like I use to tell _________ on the block “This is not the day we die”

What mean the world to you?

Everything I love is worth living for to me.

I’m not currently in love but my entire life is a love story.

My entire life is a love story and I can’t do things that will break my own heart anymore.

Music so often helps me forget the tragedies. I find poems in people’s eyes and I want to stare at you just a little bit longer.

Some people never learn to be alone. The thought of being by themselves scare them. When really that’s the only way they’ll get peace of mind. So instead they cling to humans as if they are strands of hope. Believe in who you are more often.

To be the captain of this voyage, you have to learn to drive the boat.

Some people use the drugs to be numb and run from things. Some people use the drugs to feel life more and run towards things. Get lost for awhile and figure it out. I’ll be waiting for you at the lemonade stand when you come back to reality.

Sometimes to right the ship, you have to learn to drive the boat.

This is the time of our lives. Everything has a start and a end. In between if you need a man like me by your side. Just let me know. I’ll run, dash, dart, skip or scoot right to you.

There’s really something more than this?

Is it possible to have a feeling better than this?

What means the world to you?

Give me the little spoon and the bottle let’s figure it out.

Tonight I’m going to visit the man on the moon. I’m going to reach my peak and hold my friends close as I forget about my valleys. Scream “ I’m so high and happy” into the atmosphere as the air in my lungs let’s go of worries.

I really lost my voice just from being happy and making jokes about how we are all fabulous.

If you ever lose me in the crowd find me next to Phil. The closer you get the more that’s revealed. This is how you heal. You just have to learn to take it back when they stop the Ferris wheel and the world gets real.

Don’t use this time to escape. Figure out how you want to change. It would be a shame if after something like this we just stayed the same.

Do some lines and go to church. I don’t know if all this is a sin or blessing?

Bags of wine act as communion but they selling religious merchandise for the bread.

Connect in groups of Four and move with strategy so you won’t be a VICtim to what the long day will bring. Is this your king?

Probably lost the love of this lifetime because I didn’t communicate properly but they told me on Sundays things are born again.

I just want to be around people that don’t really want nothing from me. So next year I need a smaller group if I am to do it again.

She just broke up with her man and she wondering if late 20’s is too late to go through a hoe phase before she falls in love again.

He never takes advice, but so badly he wants to get it right. His mind is the thing that puts him through the hard times, but every time he came to the campsite it was great to see him smile again.

They really tried to figure it out, but in the end they have to go their separate ways. The connection will always remain. Cause when it comes to the bank of life you don’t want wasted interest or to loan time again.

I’ve seen you all bent but you are not broken. You just searching for the reasons. All the reasons that make you feel like your enough again.

None of us are perfect you just have to care for people as best you can and reserve judgment. We are all so young. Well probably go through this all again.

Sometimes I care too much.

I haven’t decided if it’s worth it or not.

I know my guardian angels have flaws and some of my demons have been born out of good intent.

Dancing in front of stages and hoping life could be this way more often is a form of prayer.

Heaven just feels closer in a place like this. I don’t know what happens after life but I hope there’s a place like this.

This is happiness

This is content

This is gratitude

This is multiple facets of love

This is how life should be more often

I know it.

You see it.

End on a high note turn this festival into a opera.

When all the music stops and the lights start to flicker. After all the pictures are taken. When everyone is trying to hold onto that feeling because they know what we are living in will soon become nostalgia. There’s those canceling plans and making new plans because they aren’t ready to take flight. They aren’t ready for this sweet escape in their own little world to end. Everyone around is focused on using up the last of the supplies. Feelings like these can only exist in a place like this. When the hours are approaching that we will have to care about things other than music. When the wind is picking up and blowing away all our cares that were free. Meet me in the back of the minivan. It’s the most intimate place here. Not intimate in a romantic way, but intimate more so that only people we love are allowed in. I didn’t see you enough in between sets. We didn’t dance enough during sets. So tell me your Coachella once upon a times. Tell me all the stories I missed, the jokes I would have laughed at and the memories you made. I want to listen to all your moments. The sound of my friends voices is always my favorite set.

Coachella if you came here with you best friend, your brother, your boy cousin. Look them straight in the eye and say…

This life will be based on freedom.

This life will be determined by the choices I make.

I want everything and eventually plan on having everything.

I want you all to know.

Everything would mean absolutely nothing without you.

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  1. green grass for our moments of sin 🙂

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      Thank you for reading with me 💙

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