Supposed To Be I Do

It was suppose to be you, it was suppose to end in I do.
I remember the first time I saw you. No take it back even before that. 

I remember that first time I knew you existed. You were the girl that was a click away, the girl that liked my thoughts. I wanted you in my reality.

 I knew I didn’t have a chance. I came into your life too late. See there was already another man who was occupying your time. And your loyal to a fault. So who was I to expect that situation to change. 

Who was I?

A man that came into your life too late…

Still I was hoping I could convince you this one time in your life not to play it safe. To not stand in one place. To realize when I looked at you I could never look away because I was staring at destiny. The world was at my feet. Everything I wanted in life was standing in front of me. I kept these thoughts to myself as much as I could I just enjoyed your energy. I just keep thinking about your half smile as you sipped that pomegranate green tea. How you hold the ends of your shirt in your hand as if they are dreams that you don’t want to let go. We talked for hours about anything and it felt like eternity but in the best way. I told you what my goal with you is “To treat you better than anyone ever has or ever will”. You don’t know if it’s your heart or your brain. See you have the potential to love me but you don’t know if you can stand the guilt of hurting him.

 This is why it’s hard to be human, you want to tell emotions how to feel. 

Our biggest flaw is we believe in real love. 

When were together it’s more than you knew the elements around you were capable of. But you can’t ask me to wait and I can’t ask you to stay. That means you would have to leave. We argue about everything except üs. You doubt feeling this way this fast but you don’t doubt me. I know your interest. I know you have 3 different favorite ice cream flavor and your preference changes depending on your mood. I know you love tea and hate shopping unless I would absolutely force you to. I know you dislike when I take pictures of you. But you’ll always smile because it’s my favorite thing to do. I know sometimes you lay awake at night but you don’t want to bother anyone else so you just lay there with your thoughts. I know sometimes you just feel disconnected from it all. Physically you are here but mentally you want to run away. Even though he is there with you, in the back of your head you rather be talking to me. Sometimes you’ll stop mid conversation and think these things. This is a love story I’ll write it if you’ll read it. Plant the foundation and our growth will be seeded. Believing in true love is my biggest flaw. So maybe it’s not suppose to be extraordinary. Maybe it’s not suppose to be all those things we talked about when we lived in eternity for that brief period. It was supposed to be you. I’ll always remember your half smile ever so slightly as you sipped that tea. How the stars resided in your eyes like 11:11 wishes as they fell on me. How your kiss left me wanting more. Just please don’t forget how my arms made you feel safe. Don’t forget what it meant when you said I was “I was crazy” or how I would say something that went pass your mind and spoke to your soul and you’d reply “damn”. Don’t forget me, let me go if you have to but please don’t forget it. It was suppose to be you, it was supposed to be I do. 

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