Movie Star.

We’re a match made in heaven. Life is all about balance and you even the scales.

We are destined to be together like a loser is meant to fail. 

Getting angry should come at a high price and you give yours away cheap like a Black Friday sale.

Life is too short to be angry at someone that only wants you to be happy and has no bad intent. I drop grudges because it’s too much weight to hold in my healthy hands. You want loyalty but you’re stubborn to a fault.

See I went into this audition thinking I was being cast as the hero, the love interest.

Not knowing in your movie you were looking for a villain . 

So I’m just going to stick the script. 

When you say action it’s fuck me and you can hate me for any reason. I know it’s cut take a 15 minute break when you’re drunk and missing me for a season. It’s a call when you need someone because you know I’ll be there more than anyone has been there before. I just wanted you, but you have this thing where you always compare yourself to people who have more. Im not perfect, but at least I realize you could be everything once you see the big picture is formed by little things. I’m not perfect, but at least I give you honesty and apologize when I mess up. We’ll be in the same room and you can’t look me in the eye once. You give me unfollows on social media as if that will take away the fact that I exist. You turn blind eyes to all my accomplishments like it will shatter your soul to give me a congratulations.

 What happens when you’re by yourself? How often do your thoughts take you to me?

Is it only on camera that you want to be alone?

Is it only on camera you force yourself to forget that I think your royalty and queens can rule by themselves but with a king it becomes a stronger throne?

Is it only on camera?

 The thing about me is I understand we all deal with things in different ways but the second I move on you’re going to pissed I didn’t stay. You’re a beautiful person I’ll repeat that everyday. But I know how your ears work. Outside of the negative you don’t hear a thing that I say. When I say this next thing I’m not even talking about me. You have this fear everyone is going to leave but I hope one day you realize it’s because you push them away.

I know what happens next. I’m ready for my close up. I’ll stick to the script. Action.

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