Triple Flame Emoji List 4.29.15


  • Bruce Jenner being true to himself and the positive way that is affecting whoever needed that message
  • The fact I did not have to watch the Bruce Jenner interview and got all the highlights from social media
  • Everything Niykee Heaton is currently doing
  • Niykee Heatons Instagram
  • The term “I could fuck with you for infinity”
  • Humans who don’t care about being cool or saving face
  • The bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts at Centro
  • Getting a chance to get it right, whatever your IT may be
  • The Nutribullet
  • Music Festivals
  • Summer almost being here
  • My president having a jump shot
  • Coachella (Yea I know it falls under music festivals)
  • Being young enough to really feel emotions for the first time
  • You reading this blog
  • Living somewhere with quality all you can eat sushi under $20
  • Twitter being free

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