Triple Flame Emoji 5.31.15


  • When Imperial had $2 drinks
  • Riley Curry
  • The Golden State Warriors
  • How funny it is that the BasedGod curse is a real thing in sports
  • Low Income Tickets to Burning Man
  • Lebron James, fuuuuuuuuuck Dan Gilbert though
  • Allen Iverson Documentary on Showtime
  • Going on hikes (Yea can’t believe I said that either, but flames)
  • Being cool with if you had to marry the last person you had sex with
  • Meg Meyers
  • Greek Delis
  • St James Infirmary on Saturday nights
  • Not cutting people off
  • Chilis margaritas
  • Pretty Girls with big foreheads
  • Summer Rain
  • Passion Pit and Young The Giant concert

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