Questions 8.17.15

Why is college so expensive?

You think Siri would be attractive if she was a real person?

One thing that’s changed about you this Summer?

Last time you went camping?

If you had to give up driving or flying forever which would it be?

What is the most important thing you would want to know about your soulmate?

How far would you go for the real thing?

When i just said the real thing who or what did you think of?

Are you happy or sad right now?

What do you do when there is awkward silence?

One person you know for sure is off limits to you?

Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

Is god an alien by definition?

Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Last person to see you naked?

Last time you had a slurpee?

Would you say you are easy to get along with?

What is the thing you think people say behind your back most?

Do you think it is true?

Bagel or toast?

The most struggle meal you’ve ever eaten because you were that broke?

Last time you couldn’t help but smile?

Last really nice thing someone did for you, but your pride wouldn’t let you show proper gratitude?

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