The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener

I have never been a student to the school of thought that “People want to see you happy, just not happier than them.” To me that mentality belongs to the culture of the wicked and weak minded.

Snapple fact of life: There will always be someone more or less of something than you. And in the rarity you are the best or worst at anything in particular. I promise someone is coming for your spot.

snapple facts

Ambition seems to be essential to the evolution of human survival. We are never satisfied and have that yearning to want to amplify everything. Ambition is a great quality and key to being successful. It’s a characteristic every woman I have ever loved posed. Everyone you surround yourself with closely should have ambition. But it does not have to be an arrow that pierces the dreams and goals of anyone and everyone else.

Everyone I genuinely care about and want to see happy. I just want to see them happy period. Does not matter or is not hinging on my level of happiness. There’s no criteria of “Hey I want you to do really well in life but if everything is not going splendid for me too. I’m kinda going to need you to just do okay. Thanks.” Every time I clap for you know it is genuine. When you fall know I want you to learn and always get back up one more time. I am in a good place and my only focus is trying to find a way to get my squad and kinfolk to a great place. I don’t look at the next man or woman and compare because I live in a glass house and it comes with a lot of mirrors. Self refection is crucial, and don’t waste your endless potential with the thought process that your level of happiness is based on what is going on in someone else’s garden. You can’t write your story if you’re constantly trying to uses someone else’s ink. There is no quota on who can prosper in this world. As the prophet future so eloquently put it. “Let’s fuck up some commas”

My mindset may be differing from yours. You may not care at all who is happy. Maybe you are just one of those people that want to see the world burn. Or that single asshole who wishes at 11:11 that everyone else wish doesn’t come true. I’m not perfect, I don’t have all the answers. I’m just a kid from the Midwest whose favorite dessert is soft crust apple pie.

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